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As of March 2011, I have traveled twice to the country of Haiti. I can’t remember what first started me reading about Haiti – slowly but surely blogs about the country and its children began to dominate by bookmark list.

When I heard about the opportunity to travel to Haiti for the first time, I wasn’t sure why but I knew that God wanted me to go. Every stumbling block that I put in my way as a reason that I could not go was quickly removed.

In October 2009, I put down the deposit to sign up for the team. In January 2010, everything about our trip changed. We were not even sure if we would be allowed in the country.

Thankfully, we found a location that could host us, and only six weeks after the earthquake we arrived in Port au Prince.

You can read the day by day summaries of my first trip.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

I returned to Haiti almost exactly a year later not knowing what to expect. I have recently finished writing about my latest trip, but am still trying to process what Haiti has taught me.

Day 1: Travel 

Day 2: Nightmares and Afternoon Fun 

Day 3: Bieber Fever 

Day 4: Blocks and Bathrooms 

Day 5: Battles 

Day 6: Victorious Kids 

Day 7: Beauty Surrounds 

Day 8: Deep Calls to Deep 

Haiti 2010

Haiti 2011

*Yes, I used one of the same songs in both of the videos. The song is called “Unredeemed” by the group Selah, and the lyrics absolutely describe Haiti to me.

** I also have gotten several questions about traveling to Haiti with diabetes and what it is like, or if it is even possible to do without endangering your health. My answer is always ABSOLUTELY! Was it as easy to manage on a day to day basis as it is during my regular desk job? Of course not, but it is worth it. I wrote a little bit about the details of managing diabetes in Haiti in this post dyabèt an Ayiti


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