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How to win a staring contest

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Thank you all for your support on my post yesterday. It was something I had wanted to write for a while, but I needed to make sure certain people in real life knew first.

Speaking of people in real life, I mentioned when I first got back from my vacation that my niece had mostly entertained herself on our trip with my iPod touch. I am still working my way through all her pictures and videos trying to make her a DVD of her work.

I picked three short videos (one of which I actually recorded on my video camera) to brighten your Wednesday.

The first was on our car trip to my grandma’s house. The rest of her family was in the other car, but she chose to ride with my mom and I. We knew she was entertaining herself in the backseat, but had no idea how much!

The next day we headed to Niagara Falls. I had only been there once before, at about the same age as my youngest nephew. And I think I enjoyed it about as much as you can see that he did.

Finally, here is a short tutorial on how to win a staring contest.

*I think the trick is to play against yourself!

Happy Wednesday!



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This morning, around 1 am, I finally arrived home after spending a week in upstate New York with my family. Thank you to Scott, Jess, and George for posting here in my absence.

We visited with my paternal grandmother and played in the same creek that my dad explored over 50 years ago and that I played in as a child when we visited.

another four generation photoby the creek

From there, we went to see Niagara Falls lit up at night and spent the whole next day exploring the park.

Niagara Falls at nightI promise the falls are behind uswearing the poncho the right way!

Sunburned at the end of that day, we drove three hours back to my aunt’s house to get ready for the real reason for the trip – my maternal grandma’s 85th birthday celebration.

My brother tried to convince us to get a special party hat for grandma and was disappointed to be outvoted.
party hat
After the party, we posed for a four generation family picture by balancing my camera on a car hood and running into my spot while the self timer ticked away from across the parking lot.
four generations of family
Before flying back to Florida, a short trip to a local museum gave me the opportunity to point out to my niece an important portion of the human body.
bad pancreas
Speaking of my niece – she had possession of my iPod Touch during our adventures. I have a few hundred pictures and a few videos from our trip, but she puts me to shame with over 500 pictures and videos from our week. Here is a small sampling –

I see a future as a vlogger for that one!

Other people’s vacation photos

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You know when you go over to someone’s house after a vacation and they make you look through all their vacation photos. What is it about blogging that makes it somewhat acceptable?

How about we get through all of the vacation pictures in one post?! 😀

What you’re looking at includes:

  • Playing with my camera settings by taking pictures of my mom’s tree
  • Going to see The Glory of Christmas
  • Christmas at my brother’s in Vegas
  • Hanging out with George
  • Sitting through a blackout on New Year’s Eve (and yes playing with my camera settings – it was the only thing working in the house!)

A few things to keep your eye out for:

  • Matching Christmas pajamas on all the girls (inspired and purchased by yours truly!)
  • A tarantula-carrying chicken harassing Mary during the Nativity play
  • The cutest Charlie Brown ever
  • and finally me losing a footrace to a bunch of kids and a dog (wearing a winter coat and scarf while they are practicially in shorts!)

Please excuse the soundtrack. I like Celine enough, but probably would have chosen something different if I had access to my tunes!

the key to fun

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Last weekend, some friends and I took a little road trip down to the Keys. By little road trip, I mean it took us about 5 hours to get to our destination. It reminded me of a trip I took my freshman year of college. A friend and I drove to Colorado to celebrate the new year with some roommates. I remember being so excited when we finally crossed the border into Colorado, only to find out we had 3 hours left to go. It was just like that this time too! The Keys are a LOT longer than I thought!

Of course, with three girls traveling together, we had to make a few bathroom stops. Some of the locations were quite interesting. This one wanted to make sure we didn’t use the wrong door.


Based on the cleanliness of the bathroom, we didn’t want to touch anything we didn’t have to.

My travel buddies are quite the foodies so we found some great places to eat


One location, Blue Heaven, had amazing food and great service. When we were in the gift shop, I noticed some platinum records on the wall from Kenny Chesney. I asked the cashier about it and she mentioned that a sign they used to have on the gate inspired his song, “no shoes, no shirt, no problem”. I don’t know if it was it’s proximity to the Heminway house, but there were cats wandering the grounds as well.


Of course, what brings people to the keys other than Key Lime pie? The idea disgusts me, but I guess other people enjoy it.


We also noticed that they were very proud of all their ‘southern-most locations’.


There was actually a line of people waiting to get their picture taken at the southern-most point. Everybody takes turns taking pictures for the people in front of them in line. It was quite a fun group when we were there.


And last, but certainly not least, it wouldn’t be a vacation if I didn’t take a few silly pictures with statues.


Believe it or not, there are a few more pictures I didn’t post here that you can few in the Flickr set.

It Was Pure Magic!

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Only 230 pictures left to be posted from this weekend!

Fixin’ to tell you more soon

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I told Mandy I would get one of my favorite southern phrases into my post title just for her.

I have about 90 pictures I took at Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life and a few posts to write (including the promised story), but let me tell you this – I am exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night after spending the day at Universal Studios (after spending the previous 3 days at the actual conference). I can tell you that I met some really amazing people and had an amazing time. Not now nor have I ever actually been a ‘child with diabetes’ – doesn’t matter!

Meanwhile, I made the ridiculous decision to work on Monday when I should have taken an extra day to catch up!

To hold you over until later, take a look at all this diabetes swag! And this is only part of it – I saw other families walking around with bags and bags of free stuff.


P.S. My mom posted a comment on my blog for the first time since its creation! Everyone go say hi!

vacation time

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This time of year is very busy in my ‘line of work’. Do you remember the end of the year as a student? ok, multiply that by who knows how many and that’s what late April and early May is like.

When a friend told me one of her friends from MN (hi Scott and Molly) was going to be in town and they were renting a beach condo – I was in. And really, I was only missing one day of work.

Yes, I do also live less that a mile from the Atlantic Ocean and right on the intracostal – but this is different. This is the Gulf.

looking down the shorelineshells on the beach

The weather was beautiful, it was so relaxing, my blood sugars even stayed in range the whole time I was there. And it certainly was not because I was eating right. Ok, I may have tested outside of range once – but it was about 45 minutes after a basket of sweet potato fries and right before ice cream. 😀

April 27, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 204

So, what did we do? Hung out on the beach, did a little shopping, and took pictures with random statues.

two things about this picturegiant white thighs
great name for an ice cream shop!crosswalk
St. Armands circleSarasota car statue #1we didn't plan the outfits!Sarasota tooth statue
April 28, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 205

What more could you want in a vacation?

horrible picture

vacation pics

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