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A lotta love in half a jar

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I spent some time this past weekend getting lost on the bad side of town while trying to run some errands (tracking down my FedEx package). Once I figured out where I was, I knew I was only a block or so away from a Wal-Mart so I stopped in to pick a few things up.

After spending more than I had originally intended (I swear Wal-Mart and Target do this on purpose!), I headed to the checkout line.

I always take a look at the candy to see if they have any Peanut Butter Twix (the best candy ever invented bee-tee-dubs). I didn’t find any of those, but I did find something that might be just as good.

Can you tell what it is from the nutritional information?

can you tell what it is?

It’s a snack size jar of NUTELLA!!

Or should I say HALF a jar?!
half jar :)


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  1. LOL! First of all, I love that spelled out BTW as “bee tee dubs.” I had to read it several times to realize what you were saying…my mind kept trying to make it “dia-bee-tus.” See the similarity? Seriously.

    Also, Nutella is amazing. If you’re ever in Paris, I recommend it on crepes!

    And you are AWESOME!!!! BEE-TEE-DUBS!!!

  2. Ginger – Come visit me! We have a French cafe down the road that makes the BEST crepes this side of Paris. I usually get one with Nutella and strawberries or Nutella and bananas.


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