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How I almost didn’t live uninterrupted

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First the punch line – I finally have my 3 month supply of DexCom sensors.
SENSORS!live uninterrupted
In my almost eight years of pumping insulin, and my one year of using a CGM, I have never had so many things go wrong, but also so many people help make it right.

It all started when I put my last sensor in. Long story short (I told it here) – the final sensor of my previous supply turned out to be my first dud. Thankfully I was able to get a replacement sensor fairly quickly.

I wasn’t worried about my supply when I originally put that order in because I typically get at least two weeks wear from each sensor (FDA – two weeks is actually a new term for 7 days).

When I called to order my new supply, the kind rep on the phone let me know that the procedure to submit the order to my insurance had changed. I think I may have scared him a little when I started to laugh. I couldn’t help it. It was the third time in one year, that my insurance procedures changed.

Because he would have to resubmit to insurance, the rep told me he would call me back as soon as he had news. This was the first case on this insurance plan that he had worked on so he didn’t really have a timeline.

Almost two weeks later, I hadn’t heard anything yet and the replacement sensor was nearing the seven day mark. I was worried that I was stuck in an insurance spin cycle.

My local account specialist extraordinaire, Lori, offered to step in at this point and track down my status. She replied to my email at 9 PM Wednesday night, and by early Thursday morning I had an answer – the authorization had gone through and I was ready to order.

I called DexCom to finally place my order and spoke to Michael, the same rep I had spoken with the first time. He apologized for the delay and said he would ship the sensors with overnight delivery so that I would have them the next day.

When I thanked him, he added that he would call me before he left work to give me the confirmation order to let me know the order had shipped. About 45 minutes later, he called me again but it was not good news.

When he tried to submit the order, it would not process because it turns out I needed a new prescription. He had already tried to call my endocrinologist’s office but there was no answer. Thursday ended with the sensors nowhere closer to my house.

I was in a late afternoon meeting on Friday when I saw a missed call on my cell phone – and a second missed call five minutes later. It was Michael from DexCom calling me back. At the first available break in the meeting, I called him back.

He had finally gotten in touch with my endo’s office. No easy task – she abruptly left the practice and they only have a substitute a few days a week. Michael wanted me to call him back as quickly as I could to make sure my mailing address for Saturday would be the same as the weekday address. Due to the hassle of my order, DexCom was willing to pay for overnight Saturday delivery of my sensor supply.

I wish I could tell you I missed the FedEx delivery for a good reason, but to be totally honest – Saturday is my only day to sleep in and I slept through the knock at the door. Once I woke up, I found the note on my door and called the customer service number.

My box of sensors was located at the distribution center about 20 minutes away. If DexCom was going to pay extra for me to have my sensors as quickly as possible, I felt like I owed it to them to actually get the sensors on that day.

overnight saturday delivery!what's inside?

Later that afternoon, using the directions provided on the FedEx website, I headed to the center… and got lost in the industrial park. Their directions led me to the backside of a warehouse and a dead end alley. Did I mention that this center is located in an area where most people just drive by – and make sure their windows are locked?

After driving around in circles for a while, and only having a few minutes left until closing time, I finally pulled over and pulled up a map on my crackberry. Those directions didn’t make sense either, but I at least was able to find the right road. With ten minutes to spare, I finally had those hard fought sensors in my hand – and in the front seat of my car.

I have never had such an ordeal trying to obtain any of my diabetes supplies, but I am thankful that even when orders don’t work out at planned, DexCom employees like Lori and Michael are willing to go so far beyond the call of duty to make sure I can continue to “live uninterrupted.”
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  1. Yay! Glad you got your new sensors, at last. I’m always super impressed with the Dexcom folks whenever I talk to them.

  2. Is it wrong that I was more distracted by the empty DD bag on the floor of your car wondering what was in it and wondering if I should go out and try to find my own supply of DD for my day??

  3. GO DEXCOM! Next time I will just drive down to San Diego and pick some up for you! 😉

  4. Only if you then fly here and bring them to me George!

  5. yay happy endings! 🙂

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