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Never have I ever

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Have you ever played the game “Never Have I Ever?” If you have, don’t worry, I will be keeping this round G-rated.

Here are the basic rules of the game. First you put all ten fingers up. Then the group takes turn naming things that they have never done, hoping that someone else in the circle has done it. If you have, you have to put a finger down. Last person with a hand up is the winner. You can see how it gets inappropriate sometimes.

I’ve also played it the opposite way, where you name things you have done that you don’t think other people have done, and that’s more like the version I’m playing today. I’ve been thinking of all the random, fun, and exciting things I have been able to do because of diabetes and I want to hear what other would share in the game as well.

Never did I ever…

  • Think I would have the motivation to take a picture every day for a year for the d365 project. I’m thinking of doing it again but I need a good start date.

October 7, 2008 - diabetes365 - DAY 365!!!

  • Consider that my face would be on a t-shirt used to raise money for an organization working to cure diabetes. Is your face on there too?
  • Realize that some of my closest friends would live all over the country and stay up way to late on google+ hangout to spend some time with them.
  • Wonder when I checked my mailbox if it would hold a letter from a dear friend in Australia.
  • Count the days until July each year so I could attend a conference designed just for people with diabetes and their families.

The official start of the conference

  • Meet a friend for the first time at a conference in July and make plans shortly after to fly to her house for a long weekend of fun (and probably one of the largest meet-ups ever!). I guess that makes sense, since I once got into some random dude’s truck just because he had a blog and diabetes like I did.

Me, Jess, and the random dude

  • Have pictures with a variety of celebrities (and have an opportunity to even meet them in the first place) because of our connection to the same autoimmune disorder.

Crystal and Ium, yeah

  • Hope every day was Wednesday so that I could hang out on Twitter and chat about everything related (and not so related) to diabetes. P.S. Have you seen this video yet?

  • Feel hopeful about inserting pieces of platinum, silver, and steel into my body because I knew it would make me feel safer today and healthier tomorrow.
  • Plan to take what could be considered a drinking game and post it on my blog to see what people with diabetes “never did they ever” think they would do.

I’m curious, what would you say if you were playing this game?


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  1. love this and love you!

    never did i ever think i would kinda want to move to florida to be closer to three of my favorite PWDs! 🙂

  2. Never did I ever think that I would be able to actually run. When I was growing up, my brother bet me that he could run faster backwards than I could run forward. I beat him, but probably only by a foot. After I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was encouraged to start exercising and decided to take up running for some strange reason. I fell in love with it and started running every day. Before I knew it, I could run 10 miles. I can’t run anymore, but still enjoy my treadmill. I don’t think I ever would have tried if it had not been for diabetes.

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