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Office Space – the beginnings

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A few days ago I posted a random tweet asking for help deciding between camels and a dock.

a dock or a camel

I didn’t want to sway any opinions by saying too much about where I was going to use the “winner”.

Well, for the fifth time in five years my office location has changed at work. I think my new office has more wall space than all (or at least most) of my previous locations. One of my friends told me that I really need to start displaying some of the pictures I have taken. That was a great idea; I just had to decide what to include.

I had some spare frames from IKEA ready and so here is the completed first part of my office.

the first corner
The flower picture I actually picked up at IKEA in 1999. It was the first decoration in my dorm room when I moved away to college and has just continued to travel with me.
close up on the picturesThe top left picture is THE camel picture. It was taken on my trip to Israel and Jordan in 2005. Bottom left is the elephant picture from this post. The center picture is from the shoreline of Bercy in Haiti in 2011. The top right is also from Haiti – at the beach in 2010. The bottom right picture was actually taken two years ago at a botanical garden a few miles from my apartment.

Now that phase one is completed, I am going to try to finish phase two by the end of the week. On Monday, I bought this –

with clips so that I can hang my friends and family above my desk.

Phase three is finally getting my diplomas framed and hung up. Considering they are still in their graduation folders and I received them in 2003 and 2005, I don’t think they are going anywhere.

How have you decorated your work space?


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  1. Cute camels! I’m a substitute teacher, so no work space to decorate. LOL

  2. My cubicle walls don’t lend themselves to much decoration, so I’ll just enjoy looking at yours. 🙂 Pretty!

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