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A tubing of three strands

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When I was younger, I excelled in school. Typically when a student does well in math and science, the subliminal message is that they are, in return, not good in the arts. That is the story I told myself until the spring of my senior year of college.

At that point, I had to finally enroll in the art class that I had put off every semester before. The instructor started the class by telling us that in order for us to succeed in his class and to learn the skills of art, he would have to take us back to before someone told us we “couldn’t do it.

We started with crayons, drawing pictures of our childhood homes and moved on to sidewalk chalk before ever picked up a shading pencil. He also had us read the book “My Name is Asher Lev,” which I highly recommend. I still am not entirely confident in my skills, but I am more comfortable to give it a try.

My favorite medium of art is photography. When I decided to tackle the Diabetes Art Day project, I knew it would have to center around photography in some way.

the suppliescreating "diabetes blue"painting processbraided tubingsealing the tubingfriends and familyfinishing touchesFinal Product #1Final Product #2D-Art Day

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

This post is my submission to the Diabetes Art Day project. To see more artwork by people affected by diabetes, visit the official Diabetes Art Day site.


Since today is September 1st, it is also the day for Best ‘Betes Blogs. Visit that post here!



15 responses

  1. I love the cord of three strands, and that you made it out of pump tubing. PUMP TUBING!

  2. These are awesome, and to think I got to watch you make them LIVE ON VIDEO!! (Also, not to steal a line from you, but there is someone missing from your photo montage up there. Ahem. 😉 )

    Happy Dart Day!

  3. LOVE it, sara! and my teacher self is quite impressed by your mad braiding skills… 😀

  4. So great. I love it.

  5. Great Bible verse!
    I love your creativity here.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. These are so very creative and awesome frames, Sara. You are without a doubt artistic! So very great, and the people smiling and having fun in those pictures is a compliment to your creativity and awesomeness in itself! Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Kerri – I’m sorry! But you were probably “talking” to Sam Talbot at the time! That’s why Kim isn’t in the picture either 😉

  8. woah. i was thoroughly charmed by the idea of the tubing since my kid was trying to “finger knit” two pump tubes herself at bedtime last night. and i loved the concept of the frames to showcase photos of such great memories. but i was not familiar with the verse, so i am so glad you shared it. it took my breath away! i love everything about this. thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Those are phenomenal, Sara. I’m seriously crying. Thank you 🙂

  10. Thanks Lee Ann! That means a lot. Part of my original idea didn’t work (pump tubing melts under hot glue), so I have to be okay with accepting that art does not have to be perfect.

  11. Wow. The verse and the tubing. Powerful indeed!!!!

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  13. awesome in every way! I’ve always loved this verse (and the #3 has been my favorite # b/c of it) but I never would have thought of braiding the tubing as an analogy. I LOVE this!

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