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A three ring community circus

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Another great list of blogs for this month’s 3rd edition of the Best of the Betes Blogs. Thank you to all of you who are writing great posts and making the selection process so difficult and to those of you who are helping us find these great posts.

Best Use of Humor

Kim from “Texting my Pancreas” made us laugh as she reminded us of all the Awkward Moments with Diabetes.

Best Vlog

Emma and her “Big Purple Duck” share some Good News!

Best Recipe

Are you looking for something new to treat your low blood sugars? Check out Pearlsa’s recipe for honeycomb toffee on “A Girl’s Reflections.”

Best Use of Photography

Meredith “fancynancymer” lets the pictures do the talking “with a side of insulin” in her post about ice cream.

Best Advocacy

This month was full of advocacy efforts in the community including Scott’s visit to his Congressman for the JDRF – Promise To Remember Me campaign.

Best Story of a D Meet-up

Thinking of trying a meet-up? Moira encourages you to just DO IT: Finding some sanity in this crazy D world on her blog “despitediabetes.”

Best non-D Related Post

Martin is “Diabetically Speaking” as he tells a great story of a customer service representative going the extra mile looking for the right card to help George’s aunt get well soon.

Best Post by a Type 1

Even if it is “what some would call lies,” according to Mike, this is the one that says diabetes is like breastfeeding.

Best Post by a Type 2

In one of the great “Tales of Rachel” she encourages us to seek new opportunites for exercise by breaking down WildFit.

Best Post by a Type Awesome

Joanne gave me the chills and almost brought me to tears on her blog “Death of a Pancreas” describing how for her daughter she is her Sam.

Best Post by a LADA/ Type 1.5/ Not otherwise specified

Ashley Rose from “Tales of SWAGing” explains that not all diabetes (or its symptoms) is created equally in her post about lizard spit.

Best Motivational Post

Are you frustrated by those numerals that you see on your meter or CGM screen? Brian reminds us they are only numbers on his blog “(Buzz, Buzz) No it’s not my cell phone.”


In a special category submitted this month, we are adding a new category of Best Diabetes Art.

George “Ninjabetic” was a little shy about including this category seeing how many of you nominated his beautiful poem Blue Candlelight throughout the categories listed above.

We hope this additional category will help you nominate all the great posts for Diabetes Art Day.

Here is a list of all the others who nominated BBB posts and those who were nominated. Go check them out!

Moments of Wonderful
Me and D
Our Diabetic Life
C’s Life with D
Six Until Me
T Minus Two
A Consequence of Hypoglycemia
Bad Pancreas


If you are one of the Best ‘Betes Blogs for this month and would like to add a badge to your blog, you can find the information for the badge below.

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Can’t wait to see what you guys are reading in September! Remember to submit your nominations to


Two posts today!

It’s Diabetes Art Day!

You can see my attempt here!


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  1. i spy some new blogs to check out! thanks a bunch!

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