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Can you help me with a project?

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About six months ago, I hit the big birthday. The one where I start saying I am “29 and holding.”

The one that means I am officially old. The one that means I need help with a project I am working on right now.

I need some help identifying people with diabetes who are in college and who are involved in social media for a project I am working on right now. If you fit in that category or know someone who does, please leave a blog address or twitter handle in the comments.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I’m not in college quite yet, senior in high school… Dunno if I’ll be of any use to your project, but you never know.

  2. I just graduated in May and my degree is in Digital Media (so, yes I use Social Media quite a bit lol). I know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but let me know if I can help!

  3. i’m in college, though not the traditional route..but if i can help just let me know 🙂



  4. Thirty isn’t “old” — though I remember fearing it more for the teasing I expected from my dad (who emphasized five years before that I was “a quarter CENTURY old”) and the statistics about female fertility than anything else.Heck, at 51 my self-image sits somewhere in my mid-thirties (except for the once-current-events I remember that younger folk only know from history books).

  5. twitter: jsglam

    i’m a type 1 diabetic & senior at the university of delaware

  6. You might check with these folks for schools to contact. Tina, the founder, was down at FFL, you may have met her

  7. I was waiting for someone to offer that suggestion!

    Guess whose project I am working on? 😉

  8. Hi! I’m a doctorate student at Arizona State and I have diabetes 🙂 @MsMegan777

  9. I am a sophomore in college, have t1 diabetes, have a blog, and I’m the social media outreach director of TWLOHA ETSUchapter

  10. lol… glad I could ruin the surprise…

  11. Ummm, you are sooooo far from old…

  12. I’m a sophomore med student, t1d,
    I don’t know if you’re looking for people outside the US though…
    ps: you’re not <>. a person gets old when they forget what it is to be young 🙂

  13. Twitter: EGViall

    I’m a type 1 diabetic and a senior at Ohio State

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