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Look with your eyes

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Not with your hands.

It happened to Kim and Jacquie earlier this summer, but until last Friday it had never happened to me.

I have plenty of real estate on the lower half of my “trunk/core” area, so that is where I typically wear my diabetes devices. When I noticed some irritation as I pulled off the tape from my last sensor, I decided to take advantage of some alternate real estate.

I partially blame it on the fact that I was wearing a t-shirt when I put the sensor in Sunday night and misjudged the length of my more dressy tops. For most of the week the only difference was the second look people would take at my arm, or the occasional question.

1st arm site comment2nd arm site comment

Friday was a different story. A man from the mailroom stopped by with the morning delivery. He looked at my arm and grabbed for it with one hand while poking the transmitted with the other.

I pulled my arm away and took a step back. “Would you like to know what it is?”

He said yes and took a step back towards me.

“Can I explain it to you before you touch it again?”

My explanation was something like “Well, I have diabetes…”

“I know.”

“It is called a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. There is a little wire attached to it underneath my skin that sends results to a receiver.”


“Yes, wirelessly. The receiver is in my purse under my desk.”

“So what’s you level?”

“How much do you weigh?”


And with that he left the office.

Look, just because you can see it doesn’t mean I want you to touch it.

look don't touch

And just a warning to the next person who grabs my arm – I have some friends who would love to offer some back-up assistance.

Flexing the Arm Site


10 responses

  1. That bottom photo is one of my favorites of all time.

    I also feel like “someone gropes your CGM sensor” is some sort of rite of passage. Do we get a medal?

  2. unfreakingbelievable. sigh. so far, the only people to touch my sensor without asking have been students, all 10 years old or younger. now i’m starting to think it’s only a matter of time before some creepy adult tries to touch it…

    and kim, i do think you ladies deserve a medal. talk about invading your privacy…

  3. “How much do you weigh?”


  4. I just don’t get it? Why would people even THINK this would be OK… Seriously. If anyone ever comes up and starts touching my pump or CGM site, I’m just going to slap him or her on the behind and see what their reaction is… “See, you think that’s inappropriate? Yes, it’s just as inappropriate as you coming up to me and being all touchy-feely like you were. Not cool.” Oh, and on the, “How much do you weigh?” response: NICELY PLAYED.

  5. I have had many people ask if it’s some kind of new high tech fancy band-aid… umm… ok?
    or… “Did you just donate blood?” “No, why?” “Well, that thing on your arm… don’t they put that on after you donate blood?” (shakes head and sighs)…
    And then the cutest is my cousin’s little 2 year old son Quinn who touches it or grabs at it and says “iiiittt…. tttuuuuuuccckkkk” which I’m assuming is “it’s stuck”. I tell him not to play with it, it’s stuck to me, and he apparently knows that now since he just pokes it or touches it and talks to it instead of trying to rip it off my arm…

  6. I never realized how many people touch my arm until I wore my Dexcom there. What they heck man, leave me alone?

    I loved your response! Awesome!

  7. Freaky Touchy Feely guy, maybe just looking for an excuse to touch you….

  8. I had someone ask, “OMG! What happened???” like i’d suffered some freakish injury. We were at a fundraiser for her brother who was in a coma after a bad bike crash so I cut her some slack.
    On Friday, the chiropractor poked it while asking what it was, but since she was touching me anyway, I didn’t realize right away that it was weird.
    I LOVE your back-up crew! Can I borrow them?

  9. I don’t wear my Dexcom on my arm often but when I do, I haven’t really had too many inquiries. Even if I did I wouldn’t mind at all people asking. But if some stranger actually touched the sensor on my arm, I may just have to resort to violence! Nice comeback. I’m glad you put him in his place!

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