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Those leftover Christmas stamps

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I don’t even remember how it started or when I got involved but a few of us (C, Simon, Kim, Jess) were talking on Twitter about a week ago about the fun of “real mail.”

Until last week, I don’t think I had ever addressed a personal letter to someone in another country. When I was in England for a few weeks in college, I wrote some letters home. This is certainly the first time I have sent anything to Australia!

Instead of writing on my blog the past few days I’ve been writing notes and letters. And today when I went to Target, I spent WAYYY to much time looking at stationery.

And those stamps I bought in December, I finally have another use for them.

This is one addiction that might actually be good for me (as opposed to the Diet Pepsi and chocolate/peanut butter problem I have).

Sam Talbot WINNER!
In other post office news – Jaimie is getting a signed copy of the recipe booklet that Sam Talbot shared at Friends for Life. He showed us how to make the recipes in the booklet (you can see the videos of his lesson in this post) so I expect greatness from you Jaimie! Or at least pictures of your efforts!


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  1. I was a huge pen pal type in my tweens/early teens and yet today, I cannot seem to write a letter for the life of me. My mother, who is very much not tech-savvy, writes me once or twice a month – and I can barely squeak out enough worthy of sending to her. What happened to me?? 🙂

  2. yay mail! were you perchance inspired by this recent comic?

    if not, there must be something in the air. 🙂

    ps, so loving your christmas card!

  3. I just wanted to point out to you the PB/chocolate addiction is nothing more than a fun thing. I mean who doesn’t love it?? Those that do unless they have nut allergies and all are crazy heads. I may or may not mention PB/chocolate as the most perfection union out there even greater than marriage in my wedding homilies. But well I don’t want to give that all away, you may need me one day!

  4. The two ways into my heart – Peanut Butter Twix and Peanut Butter M&Ms. ❤

  5. It’s OK Sara….
    The fascination with real letter writing has gripped me too. In between long hours at work, I find myself thinking of real words I can write on real paper to mail to real overseas friends.
    The letter writing experience helps to make my whole online life real and reminds me of just how much the OC means to me.
    Did I say that I can’t wait to meet in real life…..because I can’t wait!

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