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How to win a staring contest

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Thank you all for your support on my post yesterday. It was something I had wanted to write for a while, but I needed to make sure certain people in real life knew first.

Speaking of people in real life, I mentioned when I first got back from my vacation that my niece had mostly entertained herself on our trip with my iPod touch. I am still working my way through all her pictures and videos trying to make her a DVD of her work.

I picked three short videos (one of which I actually recorded on my video camera) to brighten your Wednesday.

The first was on our car trip to my grandma’s house. The rest of her family was in the other car, but she chose to ride with my mom and I. We knew she was entertaining herself in the backseat, but had no idea how much!

The next day we headed to Niagara Falls. I had only been there once before, at about the same age as my youngest nephew. And I think I enjoyed it about as much as you can see that he did.

Finally, here is a short tutorial on how to win a staring contest.

*I think the trick is to play against yourself!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. The last time I was at Niagara Falls, I was six and my sister was three-and-a-half. Instead of lightweight disposable rain ponchos to ride Maid of the Mist, we had heavy, smelly, adult-sized oilcloth raincoats. As a result, I don’t remember much of that particular ride. I remember a train ride through a garden that had a clock done up in flowers, not-going to either of the two wax museums, a huge, 2-story-high section of tree in the Niagara Falls Museum (and offices inside the hollowed-out trunk), three observation towers (of which, we went up in the most popular and highest one), and one night when the colored lights didn’t come on at the falls, Dad went into the control booth to complain and got to throw the switch to make the lights come on.

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