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This morning, around 1 am, I finally arrived home after spending a week in upstate New York with my family. Thank you to Scott, Jess, and George for posting here in my absence.

We visited with my paternal grandmother and played in the same creek that my dad explored over 50 years ago and that I played in as a child when we visited.

another four generation photoby the creek

From there, we went to see Niagara Falls lit up at night and spent the whole next day exploring the park.

Niagara Falls at nightI promise the falls are behind uswearing the poncho the right way!

Sunburned at the end of that day, we drove three hours back to my aunt’s house to get ready for the real reason for the trip – my maternal grandma’s 85th birthday celebration.

My brother tried to convince us to get a special party hat for grandma and was disappointed to be outvoted.
party hat
After the party, we posed for a four generation family picture by balancing my camera on a car hood and running into my spot while the self timer ticked away from across the parking lot.
four generations of family
Before flying back to Florida, a short trip to a local museum gave me the opportunity to point out to my niece an important portion of the human body.
bad pancreas
Speaking of my niece – she had possession of my iPod Touch during our adventures. I have a few hundred pictures and a few videos from our trip, but she puts me to shame with over 500 pictures and videos from our week. Here is a small sampling –

I see a future as a vlogger for that one!


4 responses

  1. Ha! Too cute, love that song!

    Gorgeous pics, that one of Niagara Falls is magical looking!!! Great post. 😀

  2. You were in Niagara Falls? Do you realize how very close you were to two awesome Canadian T1s?? I’m in St Catharines and Scully from Canadian D-Gal is just up the highway in Hamilton.

    Next time you’re in our neck of the woods let us know! It’s always fun to meet members of the DOC in person.


  3. I LOVE meet-ups. When we went to Niagara Falls when I was a kid we only went to the Canadian side. You guys have a MUCH better view.

    Now, I am the only person in my family with a passport that isn’t expired and it is much harder to get to the other side of the falls 🙂

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