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Guest Post – Jess’ Moments

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I am out of town this week spending time with family and celebrating my grandma’s 85th birthday.

Since I’ll be busy chasing my niece and nephews around and trying to keep up with my aunts, uncles, and cousins I asked my friends to help me out with some guest posts. Jess and I only met just two weeks ago (wow!), and my only regret is that I didn’t know her sooner. I am already saving my pennies to head her direction this fall. To stay with the theme of the blog, I asked her to write about her favorite “Moment of Wonderful” that she has experienced either because of or despite diabetes. Enjoy!

P.S. I added the pictures. 🙂


Honestly, when Sara asked me to write about my own “Moments of Wonderful” in regards to diabetes, I was excited. And then she said I couldn’t use Friends For Life.

Gee, thanks Sara. 🙂 [no problem!]

ignore my pool hair

I could sit here and write a long, gushy post about how much I love the DOC (you all know how much I love you, right?) but something wonderful happened today and gave me inspiration.

We all have run-ins with other diabetics. Jacquie wrote my favorite post on the subject a while ago. Sometimes you notice a pump from afar, like the lady I saw at the mall a few months ago. It was crowded and she was walking at a good clip, so I opted not to chase her down and accost her…

Other times, you may hear another pump beeping, as I did at the theater when we went to see Jane Eyre (sidenote: that movie is AMAZING! And that’s my favorite book of all time, but that’s another story).

Anyways, so I check my pump because I hear beeping, but it’s not me. I look over and see the woman a few seats down putting her pump back in her pocket. We had a lovely little chat.

There’s just nothing like being in the same room with another PWD. That instant, I-am-not-alone feeling. Which I have been missing since leaving FFL.

new friends saying goodbye :(

However, in the two weeks since getting home from the conference, I’ve had more run-ins with fellow PWD then in the whole year before! It’s crazy!

Back up to two weeks ago Sunday. We go out to eat after arriving back home, and I spy a pink Ping from across the restaurant in the pocket of a waitress! Unfortunately, when we went to leave, I couldn’t find her. But we were there at the same time, which made me smile.

The next day (Monday), I had to report for my first-ever jury duty. I was nervous. They didn’t pick me, and while that was exciting, it was not the highlight of the day.

During one of the breaks, I went to talk to the judge about my D.

“Hi,” I said, “I just wanted you to know that I have Type 1 Diabetes.”

The judge smiled and said, “Me too!”


We chatted for a bit. He was diagnosed at 17 and has never used a pump.

“Whatever you need,” he said, “just raise your hand and let me know.”

I had a whole speech prepared, people! About how I was going to beep and maybe have to leave the courtroom to treat, but I didn’t have to say any of it. It was wonderful! I wanted to hug the judge, but I was afraid that would be frowned upon.

And then last week at the pool, I saw that familiar sight (or site- HA), a Quick-Set. But not on me, but on a young teenage girl. I said hi and talked to her for a couple minutes, but she was pretty shy and not much for chatting. We did have matching purple pumps, though.

And then today, at the same pool, in the same area where I always sit, I saw another Quick-set. I looked about three times just because I couldn’t believe it!

I wound up talking to this woman for about 45 minutes, and it was so cool! She’s been living with D for 31 years! Wow!

We talked about the pump and CGM (she tried it and didn’t like it), and found out we see the same endo (whom we both adore), and how much we hate lows.

It was wonderful! Definitely the highlight of my day. I may never see her again, but we bonded for that short time.
Jess and Josh
For me, these are all moments of wonderful.

Also, I think I need to make some blog cards and start carrying them around since I keep running into all these PWD. And some of Kim’s cards for when I tell them about the You Can Do This Project.

Jess close up

If you have not read Jess’ blog before, go visit “Me and D” right now! She is awesome!!!


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  1. I always love meeting random PWD too! Although lately I haven’t 😦 Your post reminds me of the day I saw a one touch strip lying on the floor of the railroad train. Of course I wondered if it was mine!

  2. wow, that is a giant pic of my face! um, thanks for that? 😛

    seriously though, thanks sara for asking me to do a guest post. and i can’t believe we only met a few weeks ago! feels like i’ve known you forever!


  3. Great guest-post, Jess!!! Really loved hearing about the random PWD encounters, particularly that one about the judge! So awesome (the legal newspaper reporter in me says)! Thanks for sharing these great examples and helping share some of those Moments of Wonderful while Sara is away!

  4. I’m a parent of a CWD and I love reading about your experiences as PWD. Thank you for sharing! You give me more strength and hope than you can imagine!

  5. omg how awesome that you’ve recently run into so many other peeps with the D. whooooo! also, love the pics. 😀

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