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Party All Night Long!

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If you haven’t picked it up yet from all of our posts so far, one of the best parts about Friends for Life was the ability to hang out all day and ALL NIGHT with people who just “get” you.

Any time between 8 am and 3 am, you could pretty much guarantee that we were together somewhere on the resort property laughing and drinking Diet Coke together.

Some of us were able to handle the schedule better than others.

Shhh! George is sleeping!

We had our typical spot in front of the late night Diet Coke machine where we enjoyed DSMA and at one point packed 22 people into our little corner.

DSMA meet-upanother shot of the 22 friends with diabetes

We also got our party on at the official Family and Friends Banquet. We definitely enjoyed the props from the Motown theme!

Kim has a green thumbexcited!classy

The highlight of the banquet was a performance by Crystal Bowersox, a former American Idol contestant (she finished 2nd) with Type 1 diabetes. She played some of her own songs, older folk hits, and answered some adorable questions from the audience of children (like how old she was when she was diagnosed – about 200 times).

Crystal Bowersox concertCrystal Bowersox concertCrystal Bowersox concert

After the show, there was a brief meet-and-greet, and I was able to snap a quick picture with her and get a CD signed. I am still a fan of Crystal and her music, but from my brief time with her I can tell you that someone with diabetes who makes their living with their voice should probably avoid smoking after their performances.

Crystal and I

The banquet ended with some dancing by our pharma friends and everyone’s favorite DOC moms (Lorraine, Michelle).

Medtronic reps danceMoms of CWD are awesome

The Adults with Type 1 group also thoroughly enjoyed our time with Sam Talbot – the food wasn’t the only thing hot in THAT room – and our pool party on Saturday. But those are posts (and videos) better left for another day!


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  1. You and your video camera scare me. Also, thanks for editing out my cursing. 😉

  2. i’m surprised you didn’t get pics of us ALL napping! 🙂

  3. The picture of Amanda and I is hysterical! It was a pleasure to meet you Sarah, wish I could have spent more time with you guys but know there will be many more times to come in the future. And thanks for linking over to my site!! 🙂

  4. I was hoping you would see that picture. Amanda was pretty worried, but you can show her that it’s not that bad 😉

  5. Dancing with the kids was such fun! So was dsma night even if I didn’t tweet once!

  6. Totally just saw that I put an H on your name, sorry! I’ll send her over the link lol!

  7. awesome pics and video and post and people!!

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