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A Traveling Circus

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If you were at Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life, you will notice that I am posting out of order. If you weren’t there… well, I am not posting in chronological order. There is good reason, the intention of the first focus group I attended was a bit confusing so I would rather start with something more positive.

On Thursday, most of zee bloggerz (long story) attended a session hosted by Kerri and Scott about “Finding Support Through Social Media.”

what is social media?I see my blog header!
The room was an interesting mix of people using social media, and those wondering how they could use it to help themselves and their children as they grow up with diabetes.
Scott and Kerri explain social media
While the room was an interesting mix, the way we were sitting was not. Most of us did not notice it until later (after it was pointed out), but the people using social media sat together on one side of the room and those who didn’t sat together on the other. Honestly, it made sense. Especially if you have read this book (psychology stuff about sense of “self”).
Lorraine (Colcalli)social media tweets - so meta!Not sure what Bennet is doing here
But I digress. It is easy to get caught up in the nonsense of seating but that is not what this post or the session was actually about. Kerri and Scott did a great job leading a session about such a broad and changing topic. The group laughed and cried while sharing with and supporting one another. The message is clear.

Using social media helps people with diabetes (and their families) feel less alone. Conferences like Friends for Life help “imaginary friends” become just FRIENDS.


By the way, I wanted to post about Lee Ann’s art sessions as quickly as possible because I know so many members of the diabetes community were supporting her (and providing trash to make it possible). I uploaded my pictures to my iPad and used the WordPress app to get the information out there, but I didn’t have a chance to edit the video that I took that day too. Enjoy!


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  1. i loved both the social media session and the art session! go scott, kerri, and Lee Ann!

    it’s wonderful to bo one of “zee bloggerz!” 🙂

  2. Sara, thanks for the post AND the video. It’s so true. When I met all my blogging buddies two years ago at Roche, I already knew all of you. But it became more real hugging and sharing together in the same room.

  3. i am so sad i missed out of the diabetes art session! looks like lots of fun! i am so glad to have met all of “zee bloggerz” in real life, imaginary friends are great but hug-able flesh and blood is 1000x better! much love! *awaiting more posts*

  4. We are a traveling circus! The very best kind, without any real elephant poop and plenty of cotton candy. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the video, and for supporting us during the session. And for editing out any curse words that may have snuck into my vocabularly.

  5. ‘zee bloggerz’ sounds like an interesting story! i love love love the first video! especially the epic camera work when kerri says “these are my friends”. perfection!!! 😀

  6. I can only hope no one recognizes me from that silly, silly shot. I knew you were taking the picture too. What was I thinking?? lol

  7. Thanks for sharing the post, pics, and video! What a fabulous “traveling circus.”

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