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Not about what happens in a mouse

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One of the special guests we were able to hear from during the Roche Social Media Summit was Jeffrey Brewer, the current President and CEO of JDRF.

In a group that tended to be quite rowdy, you could almost hear a pin drop as he spoke. He covered many different topics related to JDRF including their involvement in research initiatives and technology, their focus on support, and how he got involved in diabetes advocacy in the first place.

His story was particularly motivational for me and my advocacy efforts because Jeffrey Brewer became the President and CEO of one of the largest diabetes organizations only 8 years after his son’s diagnosis – the same amount of time that has passed since I was also diagnosed with diabetes.


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  1. I thought it was great of him to come and open up to a room full of boisterous bloggers AND do open Q & A (not some safe, canned speech).

    I’m glad that he is opening up to us and that we are together taking the first steps towards a good relationship.

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