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The blog was quiet this past week as I traveled to Springfield, MO for a work conference. I intended to blog a little while I was there, but the schedule was from early in the morning until 9 pm or later at night.
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I try to avoid Atlanta at all costs when I am traveling because it is just too unpredictable, but there just aren’t that many ways to Springfield. I found out when I got there that my flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers. When the voucher amount got to $600 I was glad to put my name on the list.

I called my friends who were planning to pick me up to make sure they still would be able to since I would potentially be arriving a few hours later. I also asked them if they would be able to give a ride to my new friend that I met at the airport who was trying to be “bumped” as well and was headed to the same conference.

Unfortunately, a few people missed their connection so they ended up not needing us and we arrived in Missouri on time and with empty pockets.

The conference was great, and I was able to reconnect with friends who I had not seen in a while, and of course have a mini diabetes meet-up. During some free time we were able to explore the city and surrounding area, but I have so many pictures of that it will have to be a separate blog post so I can include all the good ones.
When I checked in for my flight before I left for the airport on my return trip, I saw a screen that I had never seen before in the check-in process. It alerted me that the flight was over-sold and they were already looking for volunteers – would I be interested. I quickly clicked on yes! The next screen asked me to submit a bid for the amount I would like in a travel voucher and that they would accept the lowest bids first. I have some travel plans later in the summer and I figured $400 would pay for that, so I entered that amount. I was told to check at the departure gate to see if they would need me.

After I made it through security (full pat-down), I went straight to my gate to check my status. The agent said I was first on the volunteer list and would let me know. I also noticed while I was talking to him that an earlier flight scheduled to take off at 11 am was now scheduled to depart around 4 pm. At about 1:15 he called me back to the desk to let me know that I would need to be bumped.

He started processing the paperwork and told me I would be on the delayed flight. For my connection from Atlanta to home, he also scored me a seat in first class. He was processing my voucher when he got a phone call. The 2 pm flight (my original) was switched with the 11 am/delayed to 4 pm flight (my newly booked flight). Did you follow that?

I was now scheduled to leave Missouri at the exact same time I had booked and I had $400 and a seat in first class. I asked the agent if he could really still get me my money and he replied, “of course, I bumped you off your flight.” Thanks! See you later!

I haven’t flown in first class since a family trip to Hawaii and my parent have been divorced for about 17 years – it’s been a while! The bottomless Diet Coke I enjoyed with my fresh banana and cookies have never tasted so good.

The experience was only soured by my lost DexCom receiver. It’s a long story and a post all to itself (which I actually wrote here).

My travel voucher is already allotted to a trip to the northeast for my grandma’s 85th birthday and to visit a friend. Hopefully I will either get my receiver back or at least come close to breaking even.

Stay tuned for what I can only describe as my trip to the Vegas of the Midwest!
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  1. First class, voucher money, AND you left on time – that’s awesome!!! Glad it worked out so well. Hope you get your DexCom receiver back too!!!

  2. I am praying that receiver finds its way home.

  3. Way to work the system!!! Hope they get your DexCom back though!

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  6. Except for the lost Dexcom, I’d say you totally scored! First class seat AND bottomless Diet Coke? Did you make me proud Sara?

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