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A good friend just returned from almost a month in India. It was awesome to hear about everything that her team experienced on their trip. This was her second trip there, and we’ve noticed that a lot of Indian culture is very similar to the culture that I see when I travel to Haiti. We both share a passion for overseas travel and missions so it was great to spend time with her today.

She brought me back a really cool present from her trip this year.
outside of package
When I looked at the wrapping, I obviously had no idea what was inside.
opening the package
Opening the paper, I found this really beautiful elephant statue. Look at the detail in the carvings!
carving details
And when I looked closer, I noticed that there is a second elephant carved on the inside. The statue is one solid piece so I am amazed (and confused) on how they were able to create this.
look inside
Then my friend pointed out the wrapping paper. It is actually pages from the Indian personal ads. Apparently, the red headings divide the ads by class – as it is not acceptable in their culture to marry outside of your caste. I am intrigued by the time of information that each of the advertisements list – especially the one looking for a “homely girl.”
personal adspersonal adslooking for a homely girl
Thanks for such as great present Liz!

carved from one piece

P.S. Today is actually her birthday so be sure to leave her well wishes in the comments!


4 responses

  1. Hehe, I’m sure they meant “homely” in the British sense!

    Happy birthday to your friend!

  2. Jealous!! Love the statue! I’m a Huge (pun intended) elephant fan. Love them so!!

    Ah, yes, the caste system. (smh)

    Happy birthday to Liz!!!

  3. A) Happy Birthday, dearest Liz!
    B) Hope India was wonderful
    C) This elephant is awesome…can’t wait to see it in person!
    D) Sara – I’m trusting you to help make “C” happen 🙂

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