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If you don’t understand this letter

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I was sorting through some paperwork this weekend, when I ran across a letter I received from the US Postal Service a few months ago that really made me laugh. The letter is about a change of address form that had been filed by the previous tenant of my apartment.

This was a bit odd anyway because I had already been living in the apartment for about 6 months when I received the form. But really, it was the last line of the letter that really made me laugh.

can you read this?


In completely unrelated news, I think I watched my first ever Indy 500 this weekend (like most other diabetics in the country). I grew up watching NASCAR with my extended family, and when they have a driver with diabetes who breaks the into the top 10 at several different points in the race my loyalty will go back to them! But for now – go open wheel racing!! LOL!

charlie kimball tweets

Race with Insulin!

I don’t have any pictures with Charlie Kimball yet, but I do have one of the car he brought to the Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life conference a few years ago.

Charlie runs on insulin!

Okay, so he’s actually that blurry figure in the upper left hand corner of the picture, but I hardly think that counts!

Go Charlie! We are very proud of you!!



P.S. Let’s say he would have won the race, how do you think he would have dosed for the milk he would have to drink in the winner’s circle?


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  1. USPS is so awesome. Really.

  2. That reminds me of those old Hooked on Phonics commercials: Can’t read? Call 1-800-ABCDEFG!

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