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Do you think our dreams are influenced by our blood glucose levels? After the past few days I am leaning toward “yes”.

A few days ago I had a very disturbing dream about a friend of mine. She was in trouble but she was hiding it from me and everyone else and I spent most of the dream trying to find her and make her tell me what was happening. When I finally woke up, I noticed that I had been high (200ish) for the past few hours.

I started thinking about it, and I feel like most of my disturbing dreams come from times when my blood glucose is on the high side.

Last night was a different story! I recently began using an upgraded version of a database that I use all the time for work. In my dream, one of the administrators of the database was giving a presentation on the new functions.

In the middle of her presentation, she started slurring her words and generally not making any sense. After a few seconds of awkwardness, she explained that she was diabetic and she needed to take a minute to have some sugar to raise her blood sugar. She passed her speech to someone else who continued her presentation. I’ve never had contact with her in person, and I don’t know any of her coworkers so I don’t know how I created these characters.

Once she sat down, I reached into my bag and took out a tube of glucose tabs. I cleared my throat and motioned the tabs toward her to indicate that I could share. She told me she didn’t want any and that she would be fine.
have glucose will travel
In the dream-like fuzziness of sleep, I think I started to wake up a few minutes later. The two reasons I would wake up before my alarm goes off are 1) the cats or 2) hypoglycemia.

When I looked at my CGM, this is what I saw.
dreaming about lows
So was my subconscious telling me that my blood glucose was low by having me dream about hypoglycemia? That is just too weird.

And really, with the receiver right next to my head, why did I not hear any of the alarms?! Look at how long I was low!!

So have you noticed that your dreams are related to your blood sugar, or is it just me?


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  1. My 7yo CWD asked just last night how do you know if you’re low when you’re asleep? I wish PWD didn’t have to be concerned about lows, about highs, about D. It tears me up. I think I’ll pass along your dream to her. Thanks!

  2. That is eery! I definitely think bgs impact dreams. I often refer to the previous night’s bgs when Caleb is recounting dreams. Haven’t necessarily seen a pattern, but I think low dreams tend to be on the nightmarish side. 😦

  3. I dream about food when my sugar is low!

  4. This has happened to me before. Not often, but I’ve had both dreams where I’m low and dreams where I’m high and then woken up and had one of those happening. Like I said, doesn’t happen very often, but it’s always a little strange when it does!

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  6. Happens to me often. (Well, I shouldn’t say often, but often enough that I remember). In my dream, I am hypoglycemic. Then, in my dream (I think) I test my blood sugar. After waking up in a bit of a haze, I feel like I’ve already tested – and perhaps treated – the low, because I dreamed that I did, so I get even lower. Now, if I wake up in the middle of the night for any reason, I know to test, just to be sure…

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