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The cupcake cure

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Before I address the wildcard topic I chose for today, I wanted to share quickly about what I really learned this week.

That is – there are WAY too many ways to sign in to leave comments on posts! Word verifications drive me nuts! I have an old blogger log-in, I can use gmail to log in, OpenID will only sometimes recognize my wordpress user name (and then my blog name not my actual name is in the post), using the Name/URL option is tough with a very common name. It really should be easier. Also, music on blogs is not my favorite thing, especially when I am multitasking.


Now – what I really wanted to talk about today is cupcakes. Researchers have recently discovered that when the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans fail, they are replaced by cupcake loving cells. We are genetically predisposed to cupcakes. Our bodies need cupcakes as badly as they need artificial insulin.

When cupcakes aren’t around, I try to make do with cake pops. They help, but it’s just not the same.


Recently, however, there was an exciting development in the diabetes community in our craving for cupcakes. While some researchers are busy working on the artificial pancreas, a smarter group is working on the “artificial cupcake”. I am proud to announce here that the first edition has cleared the FDA and made it to market.

The “artificial cupcake” is one of the cheapest medical devices on the market. You can have one for only $25!!! Can you believe it? And 20% of the cost of the device will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute – the best chance of a cure for people with diabetes!

If you want your own artificial cupcake, e-mail chief researcher Jaimie H at nallysmama [at] gmail [dot] com or click on the picture below send her a message on facebook.


Need more details?

The device is rhodium plated with swarovski crystals. After you place your order, you can expect the device to arrive at your house in about 3 weeks. No medical training required for use.


“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and sit down & enjoy your cupcakes.”

“Where there is great cupcakes there are always miracles.”

“A balanced diet is a cupcake in both hands.”

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without cupcakes.”

“Only cupcakes lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way.”

“Don’t cry because there is no more cupcakes. Smile because you ate them all.”

“You were BORN as a cupcake don’t DIE as a muffin.”

“Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you some really good cupcakes.”

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  1. Hee, hee – love the cupcake cure!

  2. Lol-the cupcake cure, love it! I want a cake pop.

  3. I love the ‘genetically predisposed’ bit! I think I’m genetically predisposed to eat chocolate, in cupcake form or otherwise!

  4. What a great way to start my morning with a big smile! Love it Sara! Thank you!

  5. Perfect in every way! Love it. Thanks for the smile.

  6. This post rocks. Cupcakes rule… and now, the wife has been inspired by my reading this post aloud that she’s going to bake cupcakes today!! So awesome, indeed!

  7. YEAH CUPCAKES!!! LOVE this post Sara…brilliant stuff. I will not die a muffin!!! 🙂

  8. mmm, cupcakes without carbs…

  9. No carbs? Yum! Great post

  10. Oopsie – I’m one of those dreaded D-bloggers that puts music links in her videos from time to time to drive you crackers. I work from a home office – so music keeps my blood sugars stable – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

    Oh – and cupcakes rule the world – especially when they are low carb and donations go towards the Diabetes Research Institute Hmmm, will have to check to see if these can be shipped out of the US of A – alas – not many deliciously made “cupcakes” can be sent between our countries without government bureacracy becoming involved (Customs/Duty) or the shipper wishing to fill out all the paperwork for a simple “cupcake”.

  11. Music in videos are fine! It’s music that starts when you open the page that I don’t like. Just because the writer likes the song doesn’t mean the reader does 🙂

  12. I. LOVE. THIS. POST!

  13. Must… have… cupcake! *craving*

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