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One of these things…

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is not like the other.

I’ll admit that I had to Google it for this post, but have you ever heard of socialismineaphobia? It’s the fear of being embarrassed in front of people. I’ve got that.

I think it might be genetic. When my beautiful niece was little, we couldn’t watch America’s Funniest Home Videos with her because when people would get embarrassed or hurt she would start crying. We just can’t handle embarrassing situations – from ourselves or anyone else. I think that’s why I had trouble coming up with a blooper for today’s post. I’m sure they’ve happened, I’ve just blocked them out of my mind.

I can give you this instead.

I’ve been wearing my pump for a little over seven years now. Most of the time it is well concealed in a pocket or on my waistband covered by the edge of my shirt. Sometimes though, it sneaks out and leads to some interesting situations (that I believe have made previous appearances on the blog).


A few years ago, I was in an elevator at work during lunchtime. Breaking that awkward elevator silence, my coworker says, “Sara, I just have to ask – are you wearing a garage door opener?”


Again a few years ago, I was leaving church on Easter Sunday when an older woman I had never met before ran after me in the parking lot. “Excuse me, excuse me, is that a microphone you’re wearing?”

which one doesn't belong

Okay, I’ll give it to them – maybe I can see it too!

garage door photo credit

microphone photo credit


12 responses

  1. Garage door opener? That’s the best one I’ve heard…!

  2. I usually get asked if it’s a beeper or (more recently) an mp3 player. Depending on who’s asking, sometimes I say yes. 🙂

  3. LOL! That’s hysterical! Garage door opener and microphone…I’ve never heard those! Although someone once asked me if I was a doctor because I was wearing a pager lol. I said, “why yes, I’m Dr. Morales” hehe, nice post, Sara!

  4. Haven’t you heard? Garage Door openers are the new black! 🙂

  5. That is very funny “are you wearing a garage door opener?”

  6. So funny today! Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. The garage door one is a riot!

  8. Thanks guys! The garage door part cracks me up, because even if it was a garage door opener, who in the world would wear it ALL DAY! 😀

  9. Ha ha! That’s funny.

    Beeper, iPod, iPhone, iThisAndThat, mp3 player, Anything but what it is…

  10. I usually get iPod but I could see those things too! Too funny!!

  11. I got the garage door opener comment about my Navigator CGMS sensor that was taped to my arm. Don’t you just want to say: “Yeah, it works remotely and I just hit the button every now and then to freak out the neighbors!”

  12. Heh! That’s too funny. I like the garage door opener. Sometimes people ask me if my daughter’s CGM sensor is a port. The best one I had about her receiver is when a lady at the grocery store asked me is it was a gps, for kids. THAT cracked me up. Yup, I lo-jacked my kid!

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