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Special Blogging Announcement

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog reading for a special announcement.

This Monday, May 9th, starts an event in the diabetes blogging community known as Diabetes Blog Week. For seven days, over 100 bloggers in the diabetes online community will be posting their thoughts about topics related to living life with diabetes.

This is the second annual diabetes blog week, and I blogged through it last year at Diabetes Daily. I thought about posting my entries for each of the topics over there again this year since it is my blog devoted exclusively to diabetes. I know that most of my readers on either blog are basically my friends in the diabetes community so it doesn’t really matter WHERE I post. But… I do have a few stragglers on this blog that are outside the diabetes world.

Tune in next Monday through Sunday to read posts all about my life with diabetes. Or don’t. But at least now I can say you’ve been warned.



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