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I took it. You can’t.

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Michael Hoskins posted a link in Twitter to an article about a child being expelled from school for playing with a “blood sugar tester”. I decided to check out the link to learn more about the background of the story. I was curious as to whether the child was diabetic and just checking his blood sugar in class or if it was being used as a toy.

Here’s a screen shot of the beginning of the article. Nothing unusual yet.

lancet article

I scroll down a little bit more, and something looks familiar. Too familiar.

lancet article 2

That picture at the beginning of the video – it’s mine.

Compare this:
my photo

To this:

November 4, 2007 - diabetes365 - day 27

It’s not the first time my pictures have been used without my permission or without proper credit. I would not take pictures if I didn’t want to share them. However, I deserve credit for my work. Painting a picture, creating a sculpture, or taking a picture is all art. It is wrong to steal a painting or a sculpture, and it is just as wrong to steal the work of a photographer.

I left the following comment on their site.

The still picture at the beginning of your video is mine. It appears in my Flickr account here: with a copyright symbol on the bottom of all rights reserved. I did not receive a request to use this picture for your story.

Regardless, the picture does not accurate reflect a lancet device. The cap had been removed as I had just put a fresh lancet in the device.

Children should not be playing with a lancet device any more than they should be playing with an EpiPen as they are both medical devices. If you would truly like to see what life with diabetes is like, you may visit my blog at That is also the site you can use to attribute the picture to in your correction.

You can submit a “correction” to the article or go through the extra hassle of registering (as I did) to post a comment on the article at this link.

I will let you know how they choose to resolve this situation.


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  1. Wow! That is CRAZY!! I hope they do you justice and correct their stuff.

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