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I host a set of webinars (aka online seminars or workshops) as a part of my job. There was one this week on how to optimize your use of Twitter for networking purposes. I went into the session with excitement and the hope of learning some new ideas. There had been one a few weeks ago about LinkedIn where I DID learn a lot about what I need to do when I have a few minutes of free time.

The host’s credentials did not inspire me when she described her introduction to Twitter. Someone told her she should check it out; she tried and didn’t “understand” it. The only reason she went back is because her publisher asked her to write a book on it (published in less than three months).

I didn’t want to be too rude to the one other listener in the room who was asking me a lot of questions (she doesn’t have a Twitter account yet) so I only sent out a few tweets during the session.

twitter webinar tweets

Other than really not being too good with the “lingo” and watching her struggle as she tried to navigate parts of the site (like using the advanced search function), I also found it interesting when she went to her actual Twitter profile.

One of these descriptions accurately reflects my profile and the other accurately reflects hers. I’m curious, which is more important?

  • Having less tweets but a significant amount of followers
  • Having more tweets but less followers

I also found it funny that the last piece of her advice that she included at the webinar was to “never tweet about health issues”. Oops! Guess I messed that one up too!

I participated in a different webinar last night “just for fun.” WEGO Health hosted a webinar called “Navigating Your Health Narrative.” The panel (Lisa Emrich, Jenni Prokopy (Chronic Babe), moderated by Amanda Dolan) made a lot of great points. The most effective way to view them (and the listeners’ thoughts on them) is probably to search the #wegowebinar hashtag on Twitter.

Some of the points that I found most interesting were that:

  • Just like me, Lisa stumbled on her community while looking for answers about her chronic illness.
  • Lisa also brought up the importance of the decision of what you name your blog. For example, should it have the name of your disease in it? Just like Lisa, I did not use the name of my disease in my blog title because “I’m more than just diseases.”
  • Jenni made an excellent point about the reason why many people stop blogging. She wondered if some people just blog for the sake of it and they fail because ultimately they never thought about why they were doing it.
  • There was an interesting conversation on voice. Jenni acknowledges that your reputation will build over time, which is difficult because each post will only have the attention of the reader for a few seconds.
  • They discussed the level of what to share online. Lisa has shared things online that she has not shared in real life. I found this especially relevant because there is something currently in my life that I would love to blog about, but have not been able to tell the people closest to me and I don’t want them to find out by reading it here.
  • Since we have a bit of a Twitter theme going on here, I would also add that Jenni had a great answer about what she does when she is facing the inevitable technology burnout. She mentioned that “even on the hardest days, [she will] go on twitter because they give [me] hope. It sparks creativity in what they’re doing. Seek inspiration in the work of others.” Amen!

Right after the webinar finished I headed over to BlogTalkRadio to listen to the DSMA Live show featuring Mr. Podcasty Pants himself on the topic of trends. I was even a guest caller this week.

Good thing I remembered to bring the MacBook home this time – I was really burning up the battery!


4 responses

  1. Another excellent post Sara
    The whole social media thing is still a little beyond me but I found many of your discussion points thought provoking. Personally I am not really concerned with attracting followers via Twitter but more interested in developing closer relationships with those I find interesting.
    I find that having a blog adds another set of variables into the whole social media equation and I still don’t know where I am going on that line.
    Those things being said I am honored to have met you through Twitter and have enjoyed your posts and presence online.
    Keep up the great work and have a great Eastet

  2. Do you know the difference between a Wise Man and an Expert?

    At the first sign of crisis a Wise Man will run as fast as he can to find the nearest Expert

    heheh, great post!

  3. Nice post. Thanks for the recap of the webinar. I’ve enjoyed going back and reading the tweetchat to see what folks said. Unlike Jenni, I didn’t really plan ahead with my blog; it has evolved over time. 🙂

  4. I didn’t plan my blog ahead of time either. I started writing just to keep my family updated because I had moved across the country from them. Then the diabetes online community found me, and that has shaped a lot of my writing. It’s funny how things changed!

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