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He loves me not…

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This weekend I went for a walk around town (a little more about it on my d-blog). Got a little exercise and noticed some interesting things around me that I had never seen before. For example, this tree is right outside my apartment.



Look at that again….

broken heart

How bad of a break-up does it have to be to go back to the tree that you professed your love on and attempt to cross out your name?


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  1. cathy thompson

    wow that is interesting blog . I once saw this girl in an apt complex throw out a bunch of boxes . she went back inside and I went to look at the boxes Omg !!! tons of new makeup never opened or used , clothes and jewelry all had tags on them still , and two boxes of brand new shoes still had the sticker on the bottom from where who ever bought them and I was thinking wow this must have been a painfull break up and she wrote a note on the stuff whoever can use these go ahead . I did and I had shoes for a couple of years after that . and some awesome new jewelry too . thank god i never ran into the guy that gave it to her LOL!!! thanks for bringing back that memory had not recalled that one in years .

  2. That is HYSTERICAL!!!

  3. And what if they get back together again? The poor tree.

    Sara, I’ve nominated you for an Honest Scrap award. Please see my blog for details!

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