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If you liked the afternoon view…

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… here is what it looks like at sunrise.
(and by afternoon, I mean these pictures)

 early sunrise
early sunrise
love this shot!
end of the sunrise

Now, these shots were from last Friday. Now we are in a cold snap like the rest of the country, and I wouldn’t be caught dead outside that early in the morning. Granted our ‘cold snap’ is about 45 degrees, but that’s cold for here! 😀


4 responses

  1. And we’re sitting in record-high 70’s. Awesome.

  2. There is nothing as energizing as a sunrise. I watched the sun come up every morning at the retreat. What a great way to start the day.

  3. great shots! so beeeeeeeeeauytifooool!

  4. cathy thompson

    wow you are so lucky . In some ways I miss florida but not in others . I know you are warm and it is supposed to go to 65 tommorow here in kentucky . when just a month ago we had an ice storm and folks went without power for 22 days . unbelivable . great shots by the way .

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