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Does the party include cake?

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Today is my D-anniversary – six years since diagnosis.

I wrote about it here.

(If anything, click the link to see the disturbing post DKA weight loss version of me – I had dropped down to 104 lbs at hospital admission)


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  1. Happy D-anniversary! Lets hope you don’t have many more to celebrate, instead we all have an anniversary on the day we no longer had diabetes!

    For the record I think you deserve cake… Or at least a diet coke with a candle on it!!!

  2. I’m hoping your day is filled with fun and better memories than the day six years ago.

  3. Happy D day! If we didn’t have the D then we would have never met and Karaoked as awesomely as we did?

    Trying to keep it upbeat!!! 🙂

  4. I am so glad Marisa forced you to go that night. I just love you to death!

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