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something wrong with this picture

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Am I the only one who found something disturbing about this ad?
People magazine ad
What about this one? Don’t see something wrong? Look again.
fuzzy math

Last time I checked an average bg of 85 does not match with an A1c of 7 – not even close. Hopefully the information in their magazine is a little more reliable.


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  1. How sad is it that a publication that is supposed to educate its readers about diabetes would print something so ridiculously incorrect??

    I totally agree with you about the paternity test ad too.

  2. Ditto with Lee Ann. Wow!

  3. I just came to see the beach picture… LOL!

    Yes, I am jealous now.

  4. I stopped reading after that sentence. It seems some copy editor just doesn’t know their diabetes. Fasting blood sugar could be 85 with a 7.0 A1C, but ummm, not average. K, thanx, bye.

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