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No – not that I robot. But, do you ever feel like your body is being replaced piece by piece – turning you into a robot?

First, of course, there is the pancreas


Then today, I added this:

it's not what you think it is

it's not what you think it is

Now before you get too excited, let me explain. I never experienced it, but before the Navigator, and the DexCom, and the MiniMed CGMS devices came out, diabetics were often given an early form of a CGMS device that you had to basically strap onto your body and wear around your neck in the shower, etc. Well, now doctor’s offices are taking advantages of the same advances in technology as some of us are able to.

What I am wearing is called an iPro. It is basically the clinical version of the MiniMed system. I am going to wear it through Friday and log accordingly so they can get a better picture of my day. You know, like they would have if I actually had a CGMS device (cough… BCBS jerks… cough)

Not sure why they didn’t cover it with one piece of Tegaderm. Instead they said they just cover it with IV3000. Yeah, 3 sheet of IV3000.

Between that and my pump infusion site, I may as well wrap myself in IV3000. 😀

Speaking of wrapping…

I had my follow-up with the podiatrist today. I was still having trouble putting any weight on (or touching) my toe. The podiatrist confirmed that the X-rays from urgent care were worthless and completely the wrong views for the pain I am having. He took new ones and almost immediately could see the problem.

In his words, I definitely ‘cracked’ my toe. On the X-ray there is a fracture line down the middle of the toe. You can’t buddy wrap a big toe, so it is just wrapped by itself in that same sticky gauze that you get when you donate blood. I also am wearing a super stylish surgical boot. I am supposed to wear a sock over my foot in the boot, but it is hard to fit a sock over my toes so I wearing a fluffy kitten sock (one of these actually).

broken toetoe in boot)

1) wrapped toe; 2) toe in boot; 3) toe in boot with stylish sock

He also mentioned that the crack is right on the part of the toe that you put your full body weight on when walking (go ahead, try it) so that is would take a while to feel better – a few weeks to a month.

If I am wearing my stylish footwear for a month, I certainly need a better story than “I dropped a laptop charger on my foot”. I mean I can’t even believe it myself. Talk about just the wrong angle at just the wrong time (kind of like how I broke my arm as a kid but that is a different story).

Anyone have any better explanations for how I did this? The more superhero the story is – the better!


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  1. I did a post a while back, although I didn’t call myself “I Robot” but likened the situation to the Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman (what can I say, I was diagnosed in 1976 when those 2 shows were top-rated programs on primetime television) … still, I would like these bionic things to be “better, stronger and faster” not the hodgepodge of less-than-optimal devices they are today!!

  2. Okay, we are totally on the same wavelenght. I just got approved for a CGM and went for training and hookup on Monday. I was telling the trainer about my husbands head cold and how he’s such a baby when he’s sick, and I said “Geez, I’m sticking big needles in my body and attaching medical equipment. Heck, I’m half robot and he’s complaining about a cold”. LOL It’s easy to feel like a robot, isn’t it? I hope the “borrowed” CGM helps you spot some patterns. And maybe it will help convince your insurance company that it IS useful and necessary.

    Hope the toe heals up fast too. You work that stylish boot!!

  3. Jason and I and many of our friends frequently joke about how I’m a cyborg., Similar to Scott, the Bionic Woman reference comes up a lot too.


  4. I totally understand. I wrote a post back in May: Cara…iRobot!

  5. Regarding not being able to fit a sock over your foot you may wish to check out a line of socks my company manufactures.
    We are a small Canadian company that produces a line of extremely high stretch socks that can fit almost any foot (or leg) size. I think you would find them quite comfortable. If interested you can find more info. at

    Good luck


  6. You caught your toe on the roots of a burning tree as you were leaping from said tree while rescuing a litter of fluffy kitties.

    While planting trees on strip-mined mountain tops, you single-toe-edly stopped The Big, Bad Mining Company’s Big Bad Machines from tearing out all your lovely little saplings.

    In order to save a manatee, you kicked an approaching propeller boat out of the water, on to dry land.

    How’s that?

  7. Just now getting to read blog posts, but I kind of figured this is what happened based on your tweets. Glad you followed up on it and are getting some good care. Those boots are fun, I had one a while back.

    My suggestion for a story involves some hardcore sparring with a certain Ninja you were visiting in CA…

  8. How about, when you were out here we were cleaning up the streets (like a good ninja does) and when we spied the Diabetes Police outside of a bakery shouting at diabetics saying, “No SWEETS for THE BETES” and as you were doing a scissor kick to take out the leader, you cracked your toe on his dumb face. But afterwards we celebrated with a yummy cupcake!

  9. Just last week one of my friends was bringing her car battery inside to keep it warm overnight. She dropped the battery on her foot – not a pretty sight.

  10. Drop-kicking the diabetes police always hurts 🙂

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