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diabetic intervention tonight on A&E

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Being laid up this weekend with a sore head and a sore toe, I watched a lot of TV. One commercial on A&E really caught my eye.

The show Intervention is about to do an episode with a Type 1 diabetic.

You can watch a preview of the clip by going to this page and click on #76 John C (if that it not what it defaults to as it did on my computer). Here is the description:

Monday, January 05th 09:00 pm ET
Tuesday, January 06th 01:00 am ET

John has type one diabetes but refuses to be diligent about checking his blood sugar, or taking his insulin. A social misfit and an outcast for many years, John wants to be considered a regular guy, and pretends to be one by eating whatever he wants without regard for his illness. He has been in a near-coma and hospitalized multiple times. His parents want to stop enabling his self-destructive behavior, but won’t kick him out of the house because they fear he’ll die without their supervision.

Let’s hope it is an accurate, responsible depiction of diabetes. I will definitely be watching, and I am guessing you will too.


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  1. I’ve already got my TiVo set. I’m definitely curious to see it. I’ve never seen this show, but from what I’ve been told, I’m feeling a little leery of how this approach will work. Should be interesting either way though, and I’ll certainly have an opinion to share 😀

  2. I watch this show from time to time anyway. I hope I’ll be home from my son’s ballgame in time to catch this episode. I’m curious to see how it will all be portrayed.

  3. I already have our DVR set. I can’t wait to read your follow up review.

  4. I’m all set to record and watch too.

    I’m thinking I’ll probably hear all about it from the OC before I can actually sit down and watch it though (which is fine by me).

  5. TiVOing it and watching late tonight.

  6. I’m a type 1 diabetic who has just celebrated 7 months sober after six years of drinking myself into blackouts every single night. I estimate at least 30 visits to the hospital all including at least short stays sometimes long in the ICU. My mother was told on three occasions in the ER I had less than a ten percent chance of making it out of the ER in any thing but a body bag and to call anyone who might want to say good by. My blood sugar and insulin were the last things I thought about. I was considered Pseudosuisidal. I was kind of hoping this was a story about a diabetic addict but non the less I’ll watch it and pray that he gets the help he needs because either way death at an early age is the outcome but horrible pain and suffering come first.

  7. I will be watching tonight – thanks for the heads up!
    The preview makes me sad – when the mom mentioned Russian Roulette my eyes teared up. My parents always said that to my sister.
    Kelly K

  8. Probably won’t – only because I had a high school classmate do this type of thing to himself and died at 19. A little too close to home.

  9. I just got done watching…..and i was a little disappointed that they did not focus on the diabetes too much. I have had Type 1 for only 2 years now, and it is semi out of control. Even through the show was not exactly what i thought it was going to be about, it inspired me to get my Blood sugars in check… 🙂

  10. I watch this show every week and this episode about John had me absolutely in tears for the first time. The levels his blood sugar reached were horrifying and my heart literally ached for him and the rejection he experienced. Sitting alone in the Mexican restaurant was just too much to bear…I need to give him a hug! At the end, I’m so happy that he was able to deal with his depression, which seemed to be the main road block between him and his insulin control. I do not have diabetes but I research Type2 prevention, and was wondering why he does not just get one of those hip pumps? Are those just for certain cases?

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