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head to toe – updated

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After mentioning in Twitter that I was a ‘total tool’, I finally went to urgent care Sunday night. You see, it still hurt to put any weight on my big toe, or really touch the bottom of it at all.

The check-in form asked if I was injured or sick so I checked both.

When the nurse came in to check on my symptoms I, of course, had to make the head to toe joke. I almost didn’t have her check any of the ‘head’ stuff since I was feeling so much better today but my voice was like a preteen male, so that was kinda a tip-off to her. She swabbed for strep but I know it is going to come back negative.

I am now a complete fan of Zicam – it totally kicked this thing’s butt before it got any worse.

So the PA comes in and says she is going to give me an antibiotic for the head thing. I ask her if I should really have it because I am feeling better and (total TMI) all the fluid is clear. She thinks I should still take it. And, I am totally not going to do it. I don’t have an infection, I just have a stuffy nose.

So she sends me for an X-ray for my toe. This sounds weird, and I know an X-ray can obviously see through things, but I don’t think they took the right X-rays. The pain is on the bottom side of my toe and all the X-rays are shot from the top or side.

She said she can’t see a break but that I should follow up with a podiatrist in two days. I think I am going to see if I can do anything else before then. She also gave me a prescription for a pain pill. She says “It’s a narcotic so be careful with it”. Um… yeah… I’m going to be so careful with it that I’m not filling this prescription either!

Well – if that little trip was not worth a $30 co-pay, I don’t know what was.

So, what do you guys think?

this little piggy HURTS!

this little piggy HURTS!


4 responses

  1. I am not a doctor or anything but your skin looks a little thin. You might want to check that out.

    (I of course have no clue but had to make a dumb joke.)


  2. Better safe than sorry right?

  3. damn, that piggy is swollen! but after reviewing your x-rays on the original version on your flickr, it is not broken, but it seems like you’ve done something to it that a podiatrist would have the technology (ie. orthapedic something or others) that the ER wouldn’t.

  4. I had a broken toe once and, oh, did that hurt. I hope the podiatrist can figure it out for you. Also, I think x-rays are oddly beautiful, but that’s pretty irrelevant.

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