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From head to toe

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It never fails – I always seem to come back from Christmas vacation SICK.

The whole time I was at my brother’s house, my adorable niece was barking like a seal. And of course, she wants to sit this close to you.

A few days ago it started with a tickle and a cough. Now it feels like my throat is on fire, and it is even worse if I dare to swallow. A great friend got me some cough drops and I am hopelessly taking Zicam.


If that wasn’t bad enough, as I was packing to leave Cali, I dropped my laptop charger on my big toe. No big deal, I’m clumsy, I drop stuff all the time (heck, I even have a clumsy category on this blog!). Well, except that it is now two days later and it hurts every time I put weight on it. But what are the going to do? It’s a big toe!


So… what a mess right?!


P.S. Even if I wasn’t sick before I got on a plane yesterday, I will certainly be sick after. I was – believe it or not – sitting next to four sick kids. I had one kid sitting right next to me coughing. Then across the aisle were three sisters all coughing. Where the heck were the parents? Well, for the kid next to me, they were flying standby and were somewhere else on the plane. For the sister, both parents were in the row behind. From the behavior of the kids, I would have wanted a break from them too!


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  1. That stinks. I always get sick for Christmas too. I thought I was in the clear this year, until I caught the cold my dad had on Christmas eve and Christmas. I’m just starting to feel better – and now my husband has it. Which means I’ll probably catch Round 2.

    On the up-side, you are now home safe and away from all those sick children, right? Get lots of rest and feel better soon – I’ll be sending Feel Better Thoughts. 🙂

  2. Toe injuries hurt! I speak from experience. Hope it’s better very soon, along with the cough.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I often seem to get sick the day after New Year’s Day. Have you ever tried calling in to work sick on that day? No one ever believes you’re actually sick!

    Hope your throat and your toe are both better soon.

  4. Sorry you’re under the weather. I HATE sitting in an airplane next to sick people/children. I can just feel the germs infesting me as we fly. ugh. Rest, drink Emergen-C, eat chicken soup, and test (don’t guess :-).

  5. From head to toe indeed! Major suckage.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  6. Get better soon. Maybe all this snow on your blog is making you cold too. 😉

  7. Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. Look for an update soon – I finally went to urgent care tonight.

    Abd George, alas, the snow by WordPress ends today 😦

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