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Other people’s vacation photos

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You know when you go over to someone’s house after a vacation and they make you look through all their vacation photos. What is it about blogging that makes it somewhat acceptable?

How about we get through all of the vacation pictures in one post?! 😀

What you’re looking at includes:

  • Playing with my camera settings by taking pictures of my mom’s tree
  • Going to see The Glory of Christmas
  • Christmas at my brother’s in Vegas
  • Hanging out with George
  • Sitting through a blackout on New Year’s Eve (and yes playing with my camera settings – it was the only thing working in the house!)

A few things to keep your eye out for:

  • Matching Christmas pajamas on all the girls (inspired and purchased by yours truly!)
  • A tarantula-carrying chicken harassing Mary during the Nativity play
  • The cutest Charlie Brown ever
  • and finally me losing a footrace to a bunch of kids and a dog (wearing a winter coat and scarf while they are practicially in shorts!)

Please excuse the soundtrack. I like Celine enough, but probably would have chosen something different if I had access to my tunes!


3 responses

  1. i loved the pics you took of your mother’s tree, and i love seeing your vacation pics!

  2. Cool pictures! I love seeing other’s photos so thanks!

  3. Great pics! Happy 2009 to you!

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