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2008 Moments in Review

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Since everyone else is doing it, I figured I better do my New Year’s Eve meme.

For a different view of the past year, check out the Moments of Wonderful Diabetes 365 page.

Anyway – Here it goes. The first sentence from the first post each month this year:

January: Happy New Year – here’s your antibiotic “Happy New Year – let’s celebrate with an ear infection!!”

(would you believe that my ear is starting to tingle again this year?!)

February: Please Pray for My Family “My family got some really bad news this week.”

March: Just another day “It was a great day, the sun was shining – okay maybe the sun is always shining here – but it was shining today too!”

I think this was the post where I started the clumsy category on my blog!

April: I can’t help it! “Okay, I admit it!”

This is the post where I admit I am a little too obsessed with celebrities.

May: Starting with the Leaking Waterbottle “I have so much to write but no time to write it.”

leeching BPA anyone?

June: O-hi-O “In Ohio for a conference.”

Two words for you – communal bathrooms!!!

July: There is a lesson in it somewhere “As I mentioned before, I moved this weekend.”

Anyone else ever had their blood drawn in the dark?!

August: The problem is we grow up “Here’s the problem – a child with diabetes at some point becomes an adult with diabetes.”

Don’t remember this post? Are you my mother?

September: The end of the long weekend “Whew!”

Does that count as a first sentence? Seriously though, you have to click on the link to this post to see one of my best pictures EVER!

October: Watch me vlog a site change “Long time, no vlog right?”

Gaps in my vlogging seems to be a theme. I am thinking of getting a Flip video camera with some Christmas money. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

November: The angel, the devil, and the elephant “I love living in the United States”

Dressing up the cats is not just a Christmas event!

December: Yes we can have our cake “…and eat it too!”

In keeping with tradition, I am reposting a picture from exactly one year ago.
January 1, 2008 - diabetes365 - day 85

And a picture from two years ago.


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  1. Happy New Year Sara – may you have good days ahead!

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