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The Glory of Christmas

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Whew! It has been busy here in Southern California since I got home. I got in late Friday night, and my mom and I spent all day Saturday shopping. We were really looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon after church.

I should say that my mom is a teacher. Growing up it was a mixed blessing because I was always a ‘teacher’s kid’, which wasn’t always a good thing. Among other things, my brother and I had to stay after school late until she was done in her classroom.

Around holidays, however, there are some definite benefits. She gets some great gifts!! 😀

This year, she got a call on Sunday afternoon for two free tickets to the Glory of Christmas because some kids from her school and their mother were in it. The mother actually played “The Mother” at the performance we were at.

It was a great show, complete with flying angels! Photography wasn’t allowed so I could only get a few quick pics with my cell phone. Check out the link above for the professional shots.


The other great part about Christmas is that everyone is ‘home’. After a fast and furious round of texts last night I was able to meet up with a great friend from college, her husband, and their beautiful baby! We had a great lunch, and great conversation. Their baby is so cute that people even stopped to tell her! We forgot to take a picture until the end, and I think by then he was DONE!


I was almost late to lunch though! I passed quite a fender bender. It was hard to tell who was at fault but someone is certainly getting coal for Christmas this year!!


Merry Christmas everyone!

This will probably be my last post for a couple of days as we are headed to my brother’s house in the morning and the kids keep me pretty busy!!

Have fun and stay safe!


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  2. Merry Christmas, Sara!

  3. Merry Christmas Sara. You rock!

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