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How nice am I?

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I am taking someone to the airport at 5:20 tomorrow morning. Saying I am not a morning person is putting it VERY mildly.

Normally it would just be a drop and run, but my friend is pregnant and her suitcases are heavy. I will actually have to get out of the car. I just hope airport security and the Continental counter don’t mind my pajamas.

I also had to stand on her scale tonight and let her weigh me alone, and then with the suitcases to make sure they would make the weight limit.

I am thinking – boy or girl – Sara makes a great name!

toy airplane


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  1. hey, that’s a snazzy lookin’ plane, and it’s snowing on your website…or am i hallucinating?

  2. Hallucinating! 😀

    LOL! Apparently a WordPress holiday feature!

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