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smiling on the inside

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I finally took the pictures for my Christmas card this weekend. I think they turned out well, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of outtakes!

If you would like to receive a card (who doesn’t like real mail?!), make sure you e-mail me your address. Just click on the e-mail link in the upper right corner of the page. 😀

Christmas card poseChristmas card pose


6 responses

  1. You have the absolute BEST Christmas cards. 🙂

  2. ok so how did you get your cats to sit in a picture with you? and with costumes on!

    Did you give them a sedative?? My cats are the cuddleist, neediest cats ever, but when I try to get them to get them to sit for a picture they act like im toturing them!

    Here is my out takes from my xmas cards, I setteled for a collage because they didn’t work at all!!

    (i’m jenny, you were the first diabetes blog I read! I’ve just never commented!!)

  3. Hi Jenny!

    LOL @ the sedative comment! I guess my cats are just used to it. I have been dressing them up the past three years! 😀

    Your outtakes are great!

    P.S. If you could have heard some of the noises they made, you wouldn’t think they enjoyed it so much!

  4. Those are great! They put a smile on my face. 🙂

  5. Love them! Priceless thats for sure.

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