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Palm trees and Christmas trees

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A bunch of us went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday and I took a few pictures of the Chirstmas decorations around town.

These two are two of my favorites because I took them in the exact same spot, I just focused the camera a little differently (first on the Christmas tree, second on the palm tree)


Here are the rest:

P.S. As I mentioned, it was a birthday dinner. When the free cheesecake arrived, we all wondered who ToaBell was…



3 responses

  1. Either i am really stoned or there are actually snow flakes floating accross the the first picture.
    (dont forget i am in canada where certain amounts are not illegal).
    BUT…totally awesome pictures none the less Sara.

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  3. You’re getting some AWESOME shots with that camera girl!

    And wouldn’t you know that your 1,000th comment would be Chris talking about his recreational drug use… That guy…

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