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My mom hates these pictures

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent an extended Thanksgiving break with my family at my brother’s house in Vegas.

It was a really great time that actually included helping my mom sign up for Facebook. Yup – that’s right, my mom and I are Facebook friends!

Anyway, as she gets more and more tech savvy, I have to deal with the ‘consequences’. Like, her critique of my picture taking abilities. Specifically, she hates it when I hold the camera out to take pictures of myself. She says that it is ‘less than flattering’.

Well, I agree with her, but my niece loves it and – let’s face it – its funny! So, guess what we did the day after she left…

my mom hates when I try to take them myself

my mom hates when I try to take them myself


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  1. For a while it was my goal to get a picture like that with everyone I knew. I failed miserably as usual but I love those pics.

    Should I befriend your mom on Facebook or will she ignore my request now because of the picture thing?

  2. i can’t see why would she hate the pics!?

  3. Sara

    Both of you look great, and I’ll bet it was fun! I’ll bet your niece thinks you’re the cool aunt.

  4. Looks like a whole lotta fun to me!

  5. I think those pictures are by far the best!

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