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My squiggly eyes

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An appointment that strikes fear in the heart of every diabetic, I had my eyes checked last week.

My insurance has changed since my last appointment, so it was off to a new eye doctor.

During the nurse’s pre-check, she noted that I had marked ‘diabetic’ on the form. She asked if I had tested my blood sugar that morning (it was about 3:30 pm by that point). I chuckled and said that I had tested that morning and about 4 other times during the day.

She tried to do the eye puffer thing, which I have an irrational fear of so I asked her if we could test my pressure some other way. She said the doctor could do it with drops that might turn my eyes a little bit yellow, and I though that sounded like a great plan!

Without my glasses, I can’t see much beyond the first E. Seriously – they tried it and all I could do was guess. With my glasses I had 20/20 vision. They updated my prescription to give me 20/15 so that I could, “play golf with Tiger Woods”. (Yeah, um, I don’t know what that means either!)

The eye doc also asked about the diabetes while we were waiting for my eyes to dilate. We joked about the nurse’s earlier question. He said that I am one of his youngest patients – welcome to South Florida, this office is right by a retirement community. Most of his patients don’t routinely check their blood sugar, and/or are in denial about their condition.

I had a picture of my eye from the expo at CWD, so I showed it to the doctor so he could compare it to what he was seeing. I’m glad I did because I have ‘squiggly vessels’. Where most people’s eyes have vessels that leave their optic disk in a straight-ish line, my retinal vessels are a little more quirky. Nothing wrong with it, but he said he would have been concerned had he not known it was a constant.

It was finally time to pick new frames. I am either lazy or a nerd, because I like glasses with the magnetic clip-on sunglass portion. They didn’t have too many options in the frame shape that I like, so the saleslady said she could order a few more options in for me to take a look at. Unfortunately, because of the short week this week, I won’t be able to get my new glasses until probably the second week of December. Stay tuned!

During my visit, I overheard them talking to an older man who was on Medicaid. It was very sad to hear the comparisons about what I could receive on my insurance to what he was eligible for. I am very thankful for my job and my decent (yet expensive!) insurance.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an eye exam day if I didn’t take a picture of my super dilated eyes when I got home!




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  1. BLACK BASKETBALLS! Why do I get so much pleasure out of dialated pics? They just crack me up cuz they are freaky!

    I do not understand the Tiger Woods thing.

  2. Way cool! Congrats on a successful appointment. And I agree, what is up w/the Tiger Woods comment?!

  3. Hi Sara,

    I think the Tiger Woods comment is refering to the fact Tiger had lasik a few years ago and now has 20/15 vision. I live in DC and the place he had it done is here (TLC Eye Center or Eye Doctors of Washington). The radio station I listen always has commercials with him talking about his eyes. 🙂

    Glad things went well!

  4. re: Tiger Woods. I think it is because his vision is really good (20/15) and that is why he is so good at golf… maybe… I have no idea.

    But there were a bunch of signed pictures in the room from other sports people, so I think this doc was some sort of sports nut. 🙂

  5. Oh, thanks Allison! That makes much more sense! LOL!

  6. Ooooh! I can’t wait to get home so I can see the eye pics (work blocks flickr, damn them)!

  7. My retinal specialist always tests for glaucoma with the thing that touches the eye directly.
    Last year I went to get some new lenses and they did the puffer without warning me. I screamed very loud, simply for the surprise. ………..

  8. Sara,
    Glad to hear that all checked out o.k. at the eye doctor. That appointment always worries me the most because I have this irrational fear that I’m a day away from going completely blind.
    I hate the puffer too!
    I think those pie eyes are funny… tee-hee. 🙂

  9. I hate the little puffer test too. The first time they did it, they didn’t warn me (assumed I’d had it before) – freaked me out!

    Last time I was checked though, they used some test equipment that bounced a tiny ‘ball’ on my eye – that was fine and I didn’t feel a thing.

  10. Glad you got in to see the eye doc and everything looked good.

    I have actually kicked (on accident) the eye doc during the puffer test. Just a gut reaction when they get too close to my face. Or it might be touret’s.

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