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World Diabetes Day 2008

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How’s that for a creative title?

I remember last year I was ‘so excited’ about this day. I even think I took a pretty cool picture to honor the day.

This year? I am tired. Really tired.

The only even that was relatively close to me was this past weekend, put on by my endocrinologist’s office and was from 9 am to noon. I don’t think I was even awake by the time it was over.

Since my mom called and asked what the bad lab number was in my last post anyway, I might as well tell the rest of you. My fructosamine level was high, like REALLY high. While your A1c attempts to measure your average blood sugar over the past three months, your fructosamine level is a measure of the past two weeks or so. With a low A1c, my endo was confused. She took a look at my log book to see if I was just having high, highs that were being balanced by lots of lows, but that wasn’t the case. The highs I was having were not high enough to be causing the fructosamine level that I had. The best way she has to figure it out was hooking me up to one of the office’s CGMS devices… which are not available until after the first of the year.

After consulting Google, it seems like it could also be a thyroid problem so I am trying to figure out a time to get that checked out.

I think also what is depressing me is my newfound battle with my insurance. While I had heard no one on my insurance had ever had a CGMS approved, SUM recent approvals in the DOC had me hopeful.

I called my insurance company first a few days ago, and they couldn’t tell me anything without a billing code. So then I called MiniMed and Dexcom and got the codes. Called my insurance back and they said that none of it would be covered because it is… you guessed it… investigational. This is a fight I am now ready to begin.

So, how did I celebrate World Diabetes Day 2008?

  • 12:58 am – 136 mg/dL – This was after being 56 about an hour before and treating with the apple juice
  • 7:13 am – 112 mg/dL – I always test first thing when I wake up. Turn the alarm clock off, start the shower water, test blood sugar.
  • 7:51 am – 155 mg/dL – This 40 point rise is pretty predictable but annoying. If you consider that some doctors say that damage is being done to your body for every minute spent over 150 mg/dL it is more than just annoying.
  • 11:09 am – 191 mg/dL – Post breakfast. This number is also something I have fought with for most of my diabetic life. I am usually running late in the morning and have to grab breakfast on the run and quick breakfasts are usually high (refined) carb breakfasts. Not only was this post breakfast, but it was post Greek class (we had a quiz), and post staff meeting (which I plan, was late for because of class, and ran almost an hour over schedule due to circumstance out of my control that I will probably be blamed for). A nice low key morning.
  • 2:05 pm – 69 mg/dL – Would you believe (considering the time) that this was my pre-lunch number? At least I didn’t pay for lunch. I told my boss it was World Diabetes Day and she how we should celebrate. I told her she should pay for the diabetic’s lunch and she agreed. She may have also asked how that would be different than any other day…
  • 5:59 pm – 87 mg/dL – This was supposed to be my pre-dinner number but that didn’t happen. Right after I tested some friends came over to share the exciting news that they are pregnant. I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but I guess you guys can keep a secret, right?
  • 8:19 pm – 103 mg/dL – Still haven’t eaten. I decided I needed to write my World Diabetes Day post before it got any later. Tonight, besides eating I also have to pack for a weekend adventure, go to an auction where some of my pictures are being displayed, clean my apartment, and grade papers for two classes that I teach. I also have been told to go to bed early because the weekend adventure starts early tomorrow morning.

That’s World Diabetes Day 2008 for me. I am confident that next year I will be celebrating with a CGMS device right by my side.


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  1. Whew! You wore me out just imagining the day you had! I hope you have a low key weekend planned?

  2. Yikes. Crazy diabetes day.
    Hope that the weekend brings smoother sailing.

  3. Ugh that is a tough one. I hope all the stuff gets figured out soon.


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