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I am very good about seeing my endo every three months – in fact, I have lab work next week with an appointment the week after. Most of my motivation for this comes from the desire to see what my A1c is. I am the most competitive person I know and cannot handle waiting longer than three months to see if I am doing better or worse than I was before. No – seriously – the endo asked if I wanted to come in every 4-6 months instead and I told her no.

I am also pretty good staying ahead and ordering my supplies. I have strips, insulin, and pump supplies all due to arrive next week and I have at least a few boxes of everything left to keep me ‘medicated’ until the new stuff arrives.

It is the “other parts” of my medical care that I tend to neglect. I am about 3 months behind on scheduling my yearly eye appointment. My glasses don’t fit and are leaving dents behind my ears and I am getting headaches by the end of the day. I left a comment on Mandy’s blog over a week ago on a scary-eye-post saying that I needed to make an appointment. Well, I still have not done it! It just seems like such a hassle to take time off work right now, but I know I need to do it. I also have to call and make sure the eye doctor I went to last time is still covered because I know my eye covered changed for this benefit year – sigh! Maybe blogging about it will make me feel just guilty enough to finally call.

I have also been neglecting the pearly whites. Of course I brush and all that fun stuff, but I am not a fan of the dentist. I know I need to bite the bullet and make an appointment there too! (pardon the pun!)

In anticipation of the dental visit, I did buy myself a new fancy toothbrush this weekend. Do you think this new Sonicare will make the appointment a little less painful? 😀



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  1. If you don’t get that dental visit scheduled, I’ll have to hop on a plane and head over to check your teeth myself!

    Seriously though, I’m just as bad. I broke my main glasses in Italy last month. We managed to put them back together, but they’re still a little bent. Despite the fact that I have insurance on them, I still haven’t taken them in for repair! And dentists are the worst for getting their own teeth checked!

    The Sonicare brushes are great though! 🙂

  2. Never neglect your eyes…make that appointment!

    I can’t be as enthusiastic about the dental appointment.

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