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Long time blog followers know that my sweet little (14 lb) kitties don’t live with me right now. They are in (what I like to call) foster care with a friend from work.

Sadly, she had to go out of town due to a death in the family and needed someone to cat sit.

Of course, I was more than happy to serve!

The sweetest little facepensive Bes

on the desk

tummy rub
Oops – notice the pump tubing! 🙂

grooming 1grooming 2grooming 3


5 responses

  1. Awwww, I want a cat!

  2. Oh my goodness! They need to live with you again. Why can’t they just sneak in on a full time basis?

    Adorable kitties. So, so cute!

  3. so cute. I loves kitties.

  4. They looks SO sweet!!! I can imagine how much you miss them. They really make me miss my Charlie, who we took on briefly when his “mama” was put in a nursing home and who we lost to feline renal failure in February. 😦

  5. They look happy to have their mom back. Sooo cute! I can’t imagine being separated from my baby. You are very lucky to have a friend that will come through for you and share his/her home that way!

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