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Pokes, envy, and doodles

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First of all, last night after work I got my flu shot. Thankfully my employer offers them on site and for free. I have been lucky the past few years and have been covered by the vaccine and have not gotten sick. Here’s hoping that trend continues.

The nurse that gave me my shot was so good that I didn’t even feel it. It may have helped that I showed up at the same time as another pumper and she was showing me her new Animas Ping. MiniMed better come out with a Ping type pump soon because I am having some serious pump envy!

After the shot, my arm didn’t even hurt… until I lifted it in excitement for correctly translating a difficult Greek sentence. Now it’s a bit sore and I feel like it’s my own stupid fault! 😀

Second, do you use Google? Do you find amusement in the Google Doodles? You know – when they change the logo for certain holidays and events. Well, then let’s get a Google Doodle for World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14th.

Manny, Kerri, Allison, Caro, and Karen, have all signed the petition and added the widget to their blogs.

Sign the petition here (your signature has been counted after you hit next – ignore the PayPal page), and go here to get the cool widgets to add to your blog.

You may also consider sending it to your friends and family because we are trying to get 20,000 signatures by the end of October. We need all the help we can get!


2 responses

  1. I’m about to be Pinged !!! Can’t believe it, YEAH!!

    P.S. Flu shots suck. I hate shots, and our’s are coming up soon.

  2. I have an Animas but can’t figure out how the heck the Ping works. I think I might just have to give them a call & find out whats up with it & score one myself! 🙂

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