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Happily covered in pixie dust

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I grew up in Southern California and I am a very cynical person, but the magic of Disney was too much for me to even ignore.

Thanks to a very generous friend, two friends and I were able to go to Disney World this weekend for free on a ticket that could potentially get us into all four of the parks. Her mother is a ‘cast member’ and they have a certain amount of free tickets each year and generously shared them with us. She even met us outside the gate and had us follow her in so we would not have to pay for parking.

We started in Animal Kingdom and I embraced my love/obsession with The Lion King. We then hopped over to the Magic Kingdom to ride a few rides. After that came our true focus for the day – EPCOT!

We started in Future World and rode all the rides, Test Track, Living with the Land (where all the greenhouse pictures below are from), and Soarin’. Soarin’ really made me a little homesick because in California Adventure at Disneyland it is called Soarin’ over California and it is the same ride here on the other coast. The smell of the citrus was almost too much!

This weekend was part of the Food and Wine Festival, so in addition to all the experiences and yummy foods that they have from around the world in the World Showcase we were able to experience even more unique foods. Sure didn’t know what boxty (Ireland) was before, but I really like it now!

I also must have been covered in pixie dust the whole day because I had almost perfect blood sugar numbers no matter how much I ate. My average for the day was 105 mg/dL and I comsumed (according to my pump) 274 carbs!

Enjoy the pictures! 🙂



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  1. I loved the Soarin’ ride (even though it felt weird to say, like I was being disrespectful to that ending “G”), too. It felt almost real!

    And your slideshow was awesome. Now I definitely need to plan another trip to Orlando and hit up the House O’ The Mouse. 😀

  2. Oh wow! My sisters and their families were there all last week!

    Didja ride Mission Earth? That was amazing!!

    Love the pics and the song too.

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