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Watch me vlog a site change!

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Long time, no vlog right? If you guys have not watched the video clip from my last post, take a look.

(I’ve started hiding money under my mattress, but don’t tell anyone!)

George and I both put out the request last week to get some topics to vlog about. In this vlog, I give a few of them a ‘shot’ (I can’t help the diabetes puns). 😉

Parental warnings: It’s a little long – about nine minutes. The site I change is on my hip/love handle. You’ve been warned.


11 responses

  1. Love your new hair cut, and your vlogging. You are so stinkin’ awesome.

    May I recommend a manual prime for the 2.6 units, versus fixed prime?

    And I can’t believe you don’t use IV prep or anything. I’m as bad as anyone with wearing sites too long, reusing lancets and syringes ad nauseum, and licking recently poked fingers, but I draw the line at site changes without alcohol.

    Oh, and lastly the “Hand” on the IV 3000 packaging I don’t think means it’s 1 handed. I think it means it’s designed to fit over an IV site in a hand.

  2. That was great! You do handle your awesomeness well. And your hair looks very cool. I love it!

    I am very glad you posted this site change becuase I was curious as to how your sets work. I only know the quikset that I use so that was cool. Can I ask what you like more about the sets you use now as opposed to the quickset?

    And BTW – You are AWESOME! 😉

  3. Good vlog!

    Your hair is so cute!! And you do NOT have any love handles you skinny girl! *vomits a little*

    Do you want the glucose tablet holder?? Send me an address and I’ll get it to you! You had the best answer, HAHA!! Ummm… I need it so I won’t die! HA!

    Have a good day!!

  4. IV3000!!! (Word.)

    And I love your new haircut. Very pretty. And I was fascinated by the two sticky gauze sites with your infusion set. I use the Quicksets and didn’t realizes that there were sets that have two “site” thingies. Very cool!!

  5. Christine, I like to do a fixed prime so it’s easier to remember when I changed my set.

  6. When I tried the sure-t, I’d prime most of it manually to get it done fast, then do a quick 0.1 unit fixed prime so i could see when I changed my site. Worked well for me.

  7. hi! I really enjoyed this vlog – I’ve been thinking about getting a pump (for a while now) and that was definitely useful/helpful and informative to see.

  8. This was really cool to watch. I’m always fascinated by watching other people do “diabetesy stuff”!

    I wish Medtronic made a set like the Sure-T with a teflon cannula. When I tried them out, I loved the two adhesive patches. They mimic the “safety loop” I was taught to place at my pump training but never do since it makes disconnection a pain, but spares tugs from door handles. Problem was, steel needles just don’t suit me 😦

    I would use a fixed prime too. In fact, I never use manual prime on the Paradigm, preferring to prime by hand. I hate the speed of the manual prime and inevitable insulin waste!

    Like the haircut!

  9. Nice haircut! 😉

    Holy crap! I can’t believe you vloggd a site change!!

    I say that because I would have taken WAY longer than 9 minutes to accomplish a site change, and there would have probably been a lot of wincing and whining involved.

    Like Kerri, I too use the Quick set, and didn’t even know there were sets that have 2 thingys. Interesting.

    Thanks for vlogging this. Cool.

  10. I didn’t see any fat. Just a pretty haircut and a cool site change. I’m a Quick-Serter too – so it was neat to see another kind of site that’s out there. Two stickies – who knew!! Thanks for a great v-log.

    PS: I’d totally v-log a site change if I had a web-cam. 😦

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