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Even with the seats down!

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I didn’t find out about the wonderfulness that is IKEA until I was in college. Then, it was about 20 minutes away during my first few years. My friends and I would go on a Saturday afternoon and pick up a few packages of 3 unfinished 4×6 frames for $1.49 a pack. We would then have dinner in the marketplace, where we would get 2 hot dogs, chips, and a drink for $2.50. What a deal!

By the time I was in grad school, the closest IKEA had moved to almost walking distance from the campus. It was amazing! I bought my desk for grad school there and set it up in my bedroom, only to find out when I tried to move two years later that is was significantly wider than the door. And that is the thing with IKEA furniture, while it is fairly easy to put together, it is quite the opposite to take apart. My brother, a mallet, and a few well-placed hits later, my favorite desk ended up in the dumpster.

When I moved to Florida, I was quite disturbed to not find an IKEA within 3 hours! Finally, a few months ago they opened a new location about an hour away from my apartment. Saturday night, I convinced a friend to come with me and I went a little crazy. We first hit up the restaurant for some Swedish meatball and lingonberry plates and then got to shopping.

Small problem – and I really mean small. I drive a Civic. About half of what I purchased would not fit in my car. I mean, we didn’t even have to try. Simple math gave us that answer.

Here’s what didn’t fit:

I was able to bring home an ottoman:


And three bedside lamps:

Note to self: When shopping at IKEA, be sure to bring a friend with a bigger car!


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  1. I love Ikea. Sure the stuff doesn’t last forever but for someone on a budget, you can really find some cool looking stuff at a decent price.

  2. Last time we went to IKEA, we brought a moving van. It was 3/4 full of my stuff, but it had enough room for a bookcase, a dresser, a shelving system, some frames, and a couple of baskets. Up till that point, we were limited to what would fit in a Malibu – having more room to schlep is a must 🙂
    Hope you can bring home the bookshelf and chair sometime soon!

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