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George told you all to ‘have faith’ and that my vlog would be up soon. Well, no better day to vlog about faith than Sunday, right?

When I told George that he could pick the topic I didn’t know he would pick something so difficult to vlog about!!

I did the best I could but I fear there was a significant amount of rambling in my post. Ah well, here it is:

Seriously though, if you have any questions about how my faith and diabetes mix, please ask and I will try to answer the best I can either in the comments, a future post, or (horrors!) another vlog.

P.S. I knew it was time to put this up when my mom asked what George was talking about when he mentioned “Sara’s vlogging about faith”. That’s right – my mom is reading George’s blog! 😉


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  1. That was great. I was laughing so hard when you wished for barking dogs. But be careful what you wish for! 😉

    Over the weekend someone prayed that my diabetes be cured. In my heart I know that God does perform miracles but my head wanted me to say, “don’t pray that I be cured, pray that a cure is found.” I tried to understand why this person prayed that prayer and why I would ever want to edit someone’s prayers. I realize it is because I needed to remember that God, although I my brain my not be on board, still does work miracles and could “cure” me.

    Now who’s rambling? FYI – It was great and THANKS SARA’s MOM!

  2. Nice post, Sara. I commented on George’s post earlier this weekend – I’m not a person of faith but I find these little peeks into other people’s beliefs to be fascinating and informative. Like George did, you are not pushy about your faith, it’s just there and part of you and it’s lovely.

    But yeah, don’t wish for barking dogs. *L*

  3. Very interesting post Sara. Thanks for sharing your beliefs with everyone! I’m a UU and as such not a person of faith in the way that you are, but I think your faith and honesty about it are beautiful to see. Looking forward to more vlogs!

  4. Sara, I just have to say, your vlog has made my day.

    As a Christian mom to an 8 yo daughter with type 1 (diagnosed 4 years ago) my husband and I have discussed/prayed about how to approach the subject of faith and diabetes many times over the years. I have *never* heard anyone else say what you just said. But I wanted you to know, it is pretty much verbatim what we have told our daughter (and anyone else who asks) about her having type 1.

    We too pray all the time for a cure — whether miraculous healing or miraculous medicine, we aren’t picky! And in the meantime, we help our daughter the best we can to try to understand the mystery of faith — which is that there are just some things we don’t understand . . . yet!

    Thank-you for helping me to feel a little bit less alone in this journey! 🙂

    . . . ok, looking for barking dogs now . . . 😉

  5. Good vlog Sara. I think it’s often hard to explain our faith. God always has a purpose, sometimes we’re blessed to realize what that is (e.g., Esther). I believe that it’s not always that obvious.

    There are positives to diabetes. Despite this, most days I would be happy to see it gone.

    Working towards a cure is the best that I can do for now. And God seems to have blessed many of my efforts. So I think He’d be happy to see a cure also.

  6. Thanks for sharing your faith Sara. I too have prayed to be healed and like you it didn’t happen or at least hasn’t happend yet. And like George I would rather a cure be found than me specifically have a cure. If I had only one disease I could pick to be cured I’m not even sure I’d pick diabetes as there are many diseases much worse.

    Even better yet why do we have all these crazy diseases to start with? I know,the sunday school answer… man has fallen and thus we live in a fallen world. Seems like alot of conseqences for one act of disobedience. Well I don’t mean to be a downer, but I’ve started asking more tough questions as of late.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

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